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Yordy Bello Homestead, Florida


Yordy Bello has multiple women at all times.  He is a liar and a cheater.  He will be gone for mutliple hours, and when you question him where did you go, its always I was helping a friend.  Yes the friend that always needs his help.  He will come back smelling like perfume by the way.  The man is a pig.  He is not to be trusted at all.


2 thoughts on “Yordy Bello Homestead, Florida

  1. I too dated this man, and he would dissapear alot to see his other women, check his phone.He immediately talks about sex for first date, says he wants to make love to you ….aser el amor… he is a smooth talker deep voice and can sing… but dont fall for it because he can be abusive as well if you piss him off

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