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Richard Lattouf

Richard Lattouf

Was born in Lebanon but has Australian passport. Using fake names and information about himself.
Since 18 y.o. was dating eldery women for money as a prostitute. Never had any education, profession , occupation. Was simulating some business activities which were blurry and never profitable. Only profits he had were from women he was scamming by pretending of being attached and in love. This is a classical psychopath which correspond to every paragraph of this category of people. Remorseless, lack of any feelings, only greediness,envy and anger. Doesn’t care about anyone including close relatives, his mother and sons. He uses them for material purpose all the time taking advantages of them in periods when can´t find another source for that . His favorite sourse are eldery women, women in some anxious period of life, loneliness, craving for a close person. He pretends that he is the one who understands, supports and loves them. But his mind is just working how to get himself comfortable life from women . He uses all the range of manipulations , lieing about his past when he “was a successful businessman but bitchy women ripped him off” because he was very kind to them. And he really appears to be a kind person, loving, even submissive and devoting until he gets in. After all his dirty manipulations including gas lightning start – abuse, insults, projections, drama , scandals, violence, all the package. People for him are just poppets to play with, a crap which he doesn’t respect. He feels himself above all people considering them stupid and naive cockroachs. Twice (at least documentary proved) he was reported and presented in front of a Court of home violence in Sweeden and Spain. There were several reports on him to police for other actions such as damaging of the property of other people, fraud, stalking. All women he had been with were ripped off by him skillfully enough for not to be a police case. Seems like they gave to him all money by “good will” like to a close trustworthy person. After he gets everything from a woman he blames her in all dirty things in the world, spreading to a whole world she is lunatic, mentally sick, drug addicted, liar, cheatter… all projection possible. If you meet him say good buy to your money and pece.
He used to be a good looking but not any more. But he still believes he is and that all people are “in my pocket”, particulary women. He has his tricks to catch a victim. Just watch what a performance he is going to show. By the way, he was kicked out by every woman in his life, he doesn´t have any friends. He is capable for any dirty blackmail and betray . When he is kicked out he starts to revenge by damging your property, your reputation, your relationships with people. You get out from this relationships ruined morally, phisically and materially.


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