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Matthew Williams aka willofkenadams on pof or tobyfindme on okcupid


He is just looking for sex and sleeps with a different woman every day sometimes even 2 women in the same day and he has no heart and doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets laid, he’s still technically married and doesn’t want a divorce even though they are separated , gambles away most of his money including rent money, is a complete slob ( doesn’t clean up after himself, leaves tons of dirty dishes so that his partners feel sorry for him and clean up his mess. Never takes care of his 8 year old son because he sleeps all day long since he works graveyard so his child is unruly and pisses and craps on himself because Matthew just throws a tablet in front of him so that he won’t be distributed. He will use and abuse anybody to get what he wants and always lies to make you feel sorry for him. He’s on multiple sites and he picks the females that have low self esteem, are bigger females, or anyone who seems like they might be a target.


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