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118 thoughts on “Lance Edwards of Carlisle, Pennsylvania is on Dating Complaints

  1. This guy is a real pig if you ask me.  He has children and he is cheating.  Maybe you should be thinking of your family first instead of your penis.  Next time take a cold shower pig.

  2. HB McClure’s finest. Fired a pregnant woman for unprofessional conduct. Maybe she should have slept with him too. Could of gotten a promotion maybe.

    1. Wait, do I have this right? This man got a woman fired for unprofessional conduct but the owner didn’t fire him?  They allowed his unprofessional conduct after hours at the company with a married woman and he’s a married man? So that’s acceptable and not unprofessional? Wow this company is great, good to know for all the other employees, just hang out after hours at HB and have a good time!

  3. What’s bigger? The width of Natalie Becerras nose at her nostrils the distance between her lips or her ego? Soo beautiful!

  4. Lol. With a face like a weasel and that bargain basement suit, he’ll have no problem finding a new job as a used car salesman. He managed to dupe 2 women into sleeping with him looking like that so selling cars should be a cinch.

    1. No need. They’re part of an inner circle at HB McClure who could murder someone and still keep their jobs. A little after hours hanky panky is no big deal apparently. The rest of us should be so lucky.

      1. HB McClure sounds like a fun place to work. I assume they allow drinking if someone’s judgment was impaired enough to willingly sleep with this guy.

      2. Shows a lot about whoever owns the company to keep a woman who would sleep with her boss, and destroy two families for money.  She knows what he makes, got herself a sugar daddy. Plus he’s no better.

        1. Wait. He fired a pregnant woman for unprofessional conduct but he and his whore kept their job?!? WTF. What did the pregnant lady do? Burn the building down?

        1. She must be able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose because she’s nothing to look at. Definitely not worth walking out on your family for and risk losing half your stuff in a divorce over. Bang the hot young secretary? I get it. Bang the haggard desk jockey pushing 40? No.

        1. Anyone who rubs her the wrong way seems to end up fired. One of the benefits of rubbing management the right way in their offices I suppose.

      3. I was told about this. I have been a customer for years. I thought this company stood for something, very disappointed that this behavior is accepted. I can not believe that this company would allow people like this to represent them. If they are not trustworthy in life and of good character and morals then are these the type of people you want to employ in the positions I’m told they hold in this company? I won’t be doing business with a company like this anymore.

  5. Don’t underestimate the power of moving up in a company.  Why work hard when you can sleep your way up the ladder? Increase your wages by lowering your standards. Turn the lights off and think of someone else.

  6. OMG!!! I freaking KNOW the woman he cheated with! I can’t believe it. This can’t be true. She left her husband for THIS??? They seemed so good together. They were like the perfect couple.  This is like a huge downgrade. I’m shocked! This is unbelievable! Why???

  7. Looks like the “funny” uncle at the family reunion who would always try a little to hard to get the kids to sit on his lap.

  8. Take a trip with me…

    If he looks like this, imagine what the woman looks like.

    If she cheated on her husband, imagine what the husband looks like.

    Imagine what this guy’s wife looks like if he cheated on her with a woman who was willing to cheat with him.

    It’s mostly one big circle of ugly.

    1. Look–this is a nasty situation and the guy, the woman, what they did is horrible. But the ugly stuff, especially about the wife who doesn’t look like she did anything, man, lighten up.

    2. This is a case of the scales being balanced. I know the one couple and from what I hear of the other, the two weak links hooked up. Perhaps they should’ve just swapped spouses. Pair the good looking ones together and let these two live out their lives not worrying about trying to hang onto someone out of their league.

      1. I ship it. Put the spurned spouses together, give them everything in the divorces and have them form a super family.

  9. I’ll take a “trip” with you.. Just make sure to have $300 for all the rum and whiskey I need to consume just to stand there with a straight face in your presence

    1. Your children will be emotionally scared for life. These kids will know for the rest of their lives that their parent didn’t care how much they would be hurt by this.  These two loved themselves more then they ever did their kids. What type of parent destroys their kids lives like this?

  10. who is trolling this website? Is that Natalie Becerra the online creep? Well let’s see another summer has passed and guess what another Labor Day

  11. Yes correct. People “deserve” to be parents that didn’t happen because of an adult made a choice of having sex. Very grown up person. Here. Is this Natalie Becerra from 1781 riverside drive in Harlem NY pretending to be fake people again.. O I see.. What an honest person very funny game to play with people. Karma is gonna catch up with you princess. It’s really gonna be a nasty surprise! Everyday your digging yourself deeper and deeper. Be my fucking guest. Keep up the games see where life leads you!

  12. That’s why all sexual partners must sign the abortion contract!

    To enforce the law! Don’t know who’s a negro these days. Gotta stay away from that choice.

  13. I can only fuck you. Since you know me no bastard kid so if you get pregnant than you gotta have an abortion. Sorry. Unless you wanna get kicked in your stomach. It’s up to you!

  14. What’s so creepy about abortions? It’s your people that are voting Hillary Clinton! Isn’t that her big thing? Planned childhood. My sperm is infected with drugs! So as per the Mexican people Hillary Clinton it is!

  15. The only thing I need to say is that I can’t have a baby with a Mexican girl. Especially a bipolar mentally retarded Mexican who can’t even take care of me. The only kid I’m planning is the one I have with the girl I cheat on you with! If you trick me into pregnancy then the baby will be aborted. We can do a homemade abortion or you can go to the doctor to get the abortion.

  16. Your mom should have aborted you. Your s huge trouble maker. If you had been aborted then you wouldn’t be here ruining all your friends lives and the person most effected by your bullshit games is me. So yea your mom should have aborted you! what a waste of sperm!

  17. This shit especially pisses me off when kids are involved. Congratulations, you messed your kids up for life because you have no will power. Don’t be surprised if your kids become disrespectful wastes of space when you gave them a shitty example to go by. Or maybe the lovebirds’ parents pulled the same crap so this is acceptable. Either way, both cheaters deserve to be alone since they can’t see past their own noses.

  18. A family has been destroyed because some whore couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Are you proud of yourself, slut? How would you like it if someone did it to you? How would you like it if someone did it to your daughter? I hope you carry this shame with you for the rest of your life and karma gets you back tenfold.

  19. Si! Nice smiling pictures of you dating back to December 2013! Did you feel empathy for your family? You know what? Why don’t you take your problems with manny fresh out on me. You know what your forgiven. I love you baby! Thank you! Bring your baggage drop at my front door why don’t you spit in my mom and dads relationship while your doing you fucking wetback skank! Your pussy smells like fish just to let you know NO! Ms beaner.. French women and Russian women have an aroma they don’t stink! Your just a piece of shit that’s trying To humiliate me for sex. And your gonna learn your lessons in life. The postings are gonna stop once I post this!

    1. He’s a fool if he thinks she’s not banging him for his money. She does payroll at his company, she knows what he makes. How stupid is this man to ruin his married and family over a gold digger like her?  If it wasn’t him she had two others on her list.

      1. Even more sad because she’s not very attractive. Barely average face and a damaged goods body. I don’t think she could do better than him whether in the looks department or wallet.

  20. Don’t know what the problem is. Why do black people and Spanish people find it necessary to hate white people? Is this discrimination? Natalie Beceera keeps posting on this website, trolling this website, to pretend fake users are conversating at how “ugly” lance face is. Well lance is in his 50s and most men like myself how have gone through traumatic stress are now bold or Bolding. I can speak from experience losing you hair because things are stressing you out that are not in your control is the worst feeling ever and I would never forgive any piece of shit that’s done that to me. I’m just mentioning how ironic it is that Natalie Becerra needs to post on a daily basis how ugly she finds lance. And her lips and nose are just beautiful. Isn’t Natalie the most beautiful women you have ever seen. I wasn’t manly enough to have her virginity so she gave it to manny martinelli. The girl has a problem with everything. But it’s most intresting that Natalie Becerra finds it necessary to comment on a daily basis how “ugly” lances face is. Just entertainment.

  21. Why yes this guy should be an inspiration to every guy out there. Too bad for myself I am being tortured for sex. Now that 35 yrs old. I lost the best time of my life. I’m an old man now. Lived an entire lifetime being tortured. Have no sex drive left. Don’t even get erections anymore actually. Stage 4 sarcodosis in the lungs. So yes this man should be an inspiration to every healthy guy out there. My story is one filled with shame and humiliation.


    Its really sad that Natalie Becerra wants to keep posting on this website as fake people. It’s really gonna cause her serious problems if it doesn’t stop. If you think it’s a joke it totally isn’t. So keep acting like a creep keep posting things on this website your really gonna win at the game your plying with my health and my life. I’ve seen an acute episode of glaucoma turn into full blown lung disease because of this tramp. In another month or two after ocular surgery to clean the cornea of calcium deposits. I’m about to start full blown cheemotherapy treatment for an autoimmune disease. So you can figure I’m gonna be on heavy duty immuno suppressants mixing with heavy dosage of alcohol mixed with heavy doses of heroin and weed. Thanks a lot Natalie Becerra. Keep up the creep games see where it gets you in life. The way I see it she had the opportunity to have the postings taken down although she wanted to play the same Internet games and add more aggravation in my life. No relationship can work with me. No fucking around homegirl you get clowned like krusty trust me you shouldn’t play! And yo by the way..

  22. A ton of management type guys in their 50s wouldn’t hesitate to toss their families on the trash heap to diddle the secretary. The opportunity arose and he seized the moment.

  23. Maybe the person posting this has no clue what kind of person I am. I’m on 10 every single moment of the day. You wanna talk about being extremist. Things ain’t looking good for you, well to tell you the truth it hasn’t even begun yet

  24. Well this is a loving company. Consensual sex is ok. Keep it in the family. Actually there’s is so much love in this company that I highly recommend them.

    1. Fat chicks need attention, too. Maybe her husband was tired of hogging and she was desperate for attention. If this guy is an accounting manager, he probably figured he could write off banging her as a charitable contribution.

    2. Fat chicks suck a good dong. Big nose = big nostrils = doesn’t have to come up for air as often. Quickest way to climb the corporate ladder is on your knees.

  25. You expect guys to be pigs and stick their dicks in whatever they can. I expect more out of a mother.  But if she was willing to do it to another woman’s family, then she’s probably not mother material anyway. I hope the innocent spouses realize this Lance and Jennie did them a favor by revealing the trash they are.

    1. She’s been overheard talking shit about her own family members who work there, too.  Never have I met a more two-faced person in my life. She’ll be sweet as pie to your face and plot to get you fired behind your back. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if she didn’t initiate the whole thing from the start whether to get herself ahead, get someone else fired, and both.

  26. Mr. Edwards upgraded his car but nothing else. Someone recognized his wife the other day and pointed her out to us. HOLY SHIT bro, you have lost your mind? We know the new one and she ain’t nothing compared to your wife! WOW His wife is a hot tiny little thing that  I’d be happy to take off his hands. Is it rude to ask if you’d introduce me?

    1. Miss Thing really packed on the pounds recently, too. Hope he manages the company’s money better than he does his relationships because this move totally backfired. She used him for financial gain and totally let herself go in record time, and he’s left with kids who hate him and an ugly ass mistress. Kudos to you, sucker.

    2. If he bungled the girlfriend aspect of his mid-life crisis did he at least do a decent job with the car? Or did he get something with an automatic transmission? What’s next? A motorcycle? New hobby like home brewing or working out? Growing a ponytail even though his hairline is receding toward his ears?

  27. Wow don’t need your “ex” husbands baggage. Do you know how many models I have had sex with? Do you know how “HOT” some of the whores I have fucked. Being a scumbag prude that fucks with guys doesn’t make you hot. It makes you end up in a dumpster. Either dead or begging for friends

  28. Once a cheater always a cheater, just remember that Mr. Edwards. She will toss you aside for someone else. She had no issues doing that to her husband and kids, what makes you think she will stay with you? It’s amazing that you can’t see her for the person she truly is when everyone else can. She’s ruined your reputation and you’ve lost the respect of everyone you know, especially that of your wife and kids. It takes a man to admit he’s made a mistake, show your kids what a real man does and work on fixing this horrible mess you’ve made.

    1. She’s already been seen with another guy. Either she’s good at hiding them from each other or they don’t mind sharing at HB McClure. That HB will soon stand for herpes breakout at this rate.

    2. Hopefully his sons don’t turn out like the piece of trash he is. His wife is a lovely woman and it’s a damn shame he put her through this. You don’t treat a good woman like this. With any luck, he’ll be just as shitty towards his whore and she’ll get what she deserves for wrecking his family.

  29. They think they’re crafty and in the clear but a lot of people in the office are pissed about how this was handled. Preferential treatment and perks have not gone unnoticed. HB McClure will most likely end up regretting not properly disciplining these two. They chose to leave their families, they should probably choose to leave the company before the company is forced to make that choice for them.

  30. Are you sure she’s pregnant? This guy looks like he’s pushing 50. I guess he’s with a 23 yr old girl then cause I don’t think a women can get pregnant after 39. Besides the problem with the birth defects and mental retardation or deformities. Are you sure? I wouldn’t recommend having a baby after 35 as a women and 40 as a man. Most likely your child will be mentally retarded. That’s why most women have a child before they are 25. I doubt she’s pregnant unless she’s a 21 yr old girl.

    1. He’s pushing 50, she’s about 40. Maybe he’ll fire her like he did the other pregnant lady. I hope she was smart enough to get a lawyer. Fires her after he kept his job doing what he did?

  31. Does Mr. Whalen even know how Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Gilbert are tarnishing HB McClures reputation? Not only the reputations of those who run the company because of how they are handling this but of an employee owned company who’s reputation took 100 years to build?  So many employees at HB are upset. Mr. Edwards is in upper management, who used HB McClure to facilitate an after hours affair with a married employee who works directly for him. Affairs happen we get it, but Mr. Edwards also gives this woman performance reviews, raises or he directly influences his superiors to do so with his biased positive recommendations. This misconduct is unethical, unprofessional and immoral and grounds for termination. People have been fired for so much less. Maybe not only does Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Gilbert need fired but the HR department needs looked at as well for how this is being handled? When you allow this to happen once it sets a precedence for the future of the company.

    1. This is a no brainer situation where you fire a manager for this kind of conduct with a subordinate on company property. However, he heads up the accounting department. He kept his job. It doesn’t take a detective to realize something is up with the books if they didn’t send him packing. He and his pet kept their jobs. There’s dirty laundry somebody doesn’t want getting out. So the question is what does Edwards know that has Whalen afraid of getting on his bad side?

  32. Booger sugar will mess your life up. You think bumping a line at the Christmas party will be fun and won’t hurt anything, but before you know it you’re embezzling money, having an affair, and losing your family.

  33. There is no way in hell Mr. Whalen could possibly know about this affair or this man would have been fired long ago.  He does not seem the type of man to allow someone he has put into a management position to behave this way. Mr. Edwards is unprofessional and using his position in the company to benefit a woman he is having an extra martial affair with, using his own office to do so is just wrong.  Employees and customers need to show Mr. Whalen this site. The HR chick is bff’s with Mrs. Gilbert and Mr. Edwards so we know nothing is going to happen by going there about this. Stop bitching and show Mr. Whalen people!

  34. Would anyone like to tell me HB McClure’s company policies regarding employee code of conduct, work ethics, conflict of interest and unprofessional behavior? Then explain why Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Gilbert still work at HB McClure? No wonder employees at this employee owned company are pissed.

  35. All respect has been lost for this man who holds the position that he does in this company, as well as for this money hungry woman. I would love to know how big of a salary increase Mrs. Gilbert  has gotten since she started at HB which was approved or recommended by Mr. Edwards, I bet it’s more then others in that same department.

  36. This man sure can sell himself as the perfect accounting manager, comes across as so much better then everyone else but he’s nothing but a hypocrite. She’s everyone’s best friend then runs and stabs you in the back, don’t trust her, she is nothing but a nark.

  37. When’s the baby due? Miss Gold Digger is waiting to see what the slot machine lands on. Will it be Edwards’? Will she hit the jackpot and it will be Whalen’s? IT’s? Or will it come up duds and be someone else’s? Those field techs don’t make as much as the office guys but they do tend to be in better shape.

  38. She signed an abortion contract

    lance wouldn’t even speak to her without it. He isn’t stupid. Think he would have a baby with a person thats caused him so many problems. Breach of contract is major lawsuit. So is Tort. Do you know what intentional Tort means? It’s when people are careless and violate others knowingly out of hated. Sorta like you!

  39. Everyone is talking about how this man and woman are untouchable.  Mr. Edwards can clearly do whatever the hell he wants from having sex in his office, giving his mistress salary increases, firing or getting people fired all to benefit this woman.  This woman clearly has destroyed this mans integrity and values.  Looks like HB isn’t an employee owned company anymore, it’s a company clearly owned by Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Gilbert.

    1. After the divorces are finalized, Mr. Gilbert and the former Mrs. Edwards will also be partial owners when they get half their exes’ stock.

  40. I actually feel bad for Lance. Jennie has changed him so much that he’s almost unrecognizable. One day he will realize all that she’s done to him, this is such a sad story, how one woman can destroy a mans life forever. My concern is his kids, that’s what has me floored about this, from what I knew they meant everything to him. How he could do this to those kids is beyond me.

    1. Neither one gives a shit about their kids. Neither one gives a shit about their spouses. Their true colors came out and everyone now knows what trash they are. HB McClure obviously doesn’t give a shit about favoritism or ethics.

  41. Extremely creepy human being. Making fake profiles on the Internet harassing people online. And now pretending to be fake people complaining about cheating and lying. Don’t understand who this person thinks they are.. must really think it’s ok to harass guys on the internet and think there’s reprocautions. Sadly enough I agree with you. You should have remained single and should have never bothered me or harassed me. It’s sad to see someone that gets her happiness from making other people miserable. Very sad person… great things are waiting for creepy Natalie Becerra 13

  42. HB McClure needs to prove to it’s employees and customers that Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Gilbert did nothing unethical that hurt the company or it’s employees in any way due to this affair. Prove that Mr. Edwards had no part in any salary increases that Mrs. Gilbert has received while working for Mr. Edwards (stealing from the company to benefit this woman). Prove that Mr. Edwards had no part in firing anyone at this company which in turn benefited Mrs. Gilbert in any way. Prove that Mr. Edwards did no break the employee code of conduct, was not unprofessional and did not breach any conflict of interest policies while having an affair with Mrs. Gilbert. If they can prove this then everyone needs to shut up and leave this man and this woman to rot in hell in peace.

  43. This man is a fucking dickhead. I have heard multiple times other married woman in his department as well as others at HB mention something he’s said to them or sent them. You are a bigger idiot then I even thought you were, women talk my friend. Having personal relationships with several married woman at HB, how is this ok for a manager at a company? A manager that has already had one affair with a married co-work that works for him, are you trying for more? Are these other married women your back up plan in case Jennie figures out the scumbag you really are? I can give you names so you don’t have to play dumb if you want, but I won’t be a part in destroying any marriages, that’s your job buddy.

  44. Natalie Becerra 864 glenmore avenue Brooklyn.


    Keeps creeping the internet.


    Life is gonna work out real good for you. Humiliating me and you don’t think your gonna learn your lesson in life. we will see called general counsel to the United States Air Force today. Filing my claim within next 2 weeks. Let’s wait and see what happens

  45. He’s my uncle and none of this is true. He’s nopt married. My aunt rosie divoriced hom threi yrees ago and movew to monttanna with my cousin. ny ways he goes to chuck and warships jesus and god.

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  50. Yea let’s see how that works out for you. Punishing and tormenting people you don’t know anything about ohh yea execept the only thing you know is that don’t harass me online because you will cause me a major mental illeness from cyberbully and humiliation. Was your choice. How about this let’s see what kind of lawsuit I file against the military why don’t you wait and see what happens with that first.  It’s gonna be a fucking riot “baby”

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