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Kristen M. Roff Tivoli, New York


Kristen is an Elementary school teacher…She’s also the “woman” who spent a year having an affair with my “husband”! She had no problem meeting at bars, in parking lots, going to motels, spying on me and screwing him, all while I was home with our children. Yes I do blame my husband 110% as well!!! This, less than a human being, has played a key role in emotionally hurting my children beyond anything a young child should have to go through, and she doesn’t seem to care. Would anyone really want her teaching their children? I was relatively calm when I confronted her and she never apologized to me, NOT ONCE!!! If she had at least felt a little guilty or had any shame in her actions at all I would never had posted this. Believe me I do realize people make mistakes, HUGE, mistakes I’m far from perfect, but she should have been kind enough to say “I’m truly sorry”, but she didn’t do that she instead did and said everything should could to try to get him to leave his family, his children!!! I honestly don’t know I guess she is just a horrible person who said horrible things about me…a women she never even met! Yes I do realize they were based off of the “panty dropper” stories and lies she was fed, however a descent person with even just a little compassion for a child, would have walked away from a married man with children no matter what they were told! I would think especially someone who claims to care about young children by being an “educator”!


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