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Kathy Strate


This disgusting woman had unprotected sex with my husband and several occasions. Have complete disregard for the fact I was pregnant with my husband and i’s son. They were coworkers as well as cargivers. I know it takes 2 and trust me my husband has not gotten away with this. Kathy strate has zero morals and obviously will have unprotected sex with anyone who shows her the slightest attention. I had the privilege of confronting her face to face, a woman her age usually owns her actions and acknowledges her mistakes. But not Kathy. She is a complete coward and she put me and my sons health at risk. Unprotected sex is very dangerous, and she could care less if she did have a disease and passed it along to my innocent baby. That alone makes her a disgrace and a complete embarrassment to everyone who knows her. She should change her name to sperm dumpster due to the fact she’s pathetic and will do anything for a little male attention. Grow up sweetie!! Your an old hag who can’t keep a man so you have to borrow another woman’s.


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