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How to Catch a Cheating Husband


Over the years, a number of studies have been performed to determine information specific to a cheating spouse. Compiled information shows that 85% of women who believe their spouse is having an affair are right. In addition, these studies show that 50% of men who feel the wife is cheating, is right. Therefore, if you are married and your gut is telling you that something is wrong, chances are in your favor that something suspicious is going on.

In this article, we wanted to address some of the ways in which you could catch a cheating husband. Obviously, the future of the marriage would depend on recognizing the telltale signs of an affair. If the affair were confirmed, then a couple would need to decide the future direction of the marriage. Of course, the wife would need to decide if she were willing to stay and work hard to rebuild the marriage or move on.

Interestingly, more than 800 different signs can show if a husband is cheating, some that you may find surprising. Although we cannot cover them all in one article, we did want to provide you with the various categories in which these signs fall, as well as a few specific things you could watch for if suspicious of your husband cheating.

Physical Appearance
Relating to the Wife
Work Habits
Daily Behavior
Behavioral Changes/Personality
Phone Tip-Offs
Clues with the Car
Eating Habits
Taste and Smell
Home Invasion
Computer/Cell Phone/Pager Use
Physical Evidence
Disclosure or Slip-Ups
Of these categories, we will touch on the first four, giving you ways in which you can catch your husband cheating. Again, knowing the signs will help build your case so you can eventually confront him with the truth.

Physical Appearance – If you were to notice your husband taking greater interest in his physical appearance, you might wonder why. For instance, a sudden interest in working out at the gym, wearing hair in a new style, different or new clothing, and overall personal hygiene could all be signs of an affair.
Relating to the Wife – Sometimes, a cheating husband will begin to act differently to the wife. For instance, the husband may no longer be interested in conversation, he may stop opening the car door, or perhaps he no longer wants to dine out for date night, and so on. While these signs are not definite for an affair, they could be indicators.
Conversation/Communication – Often times, a husband having an affair will become quiet. This means normal conversation/communication diminishes or stops altogether.
Work Habits – A cheating husband will try to find ways of getting out of the home, using work as an excuse. Therefore, you would find him attending more long or after-hour meetings, needing to travel out of town, or blaming overload on spending more hours at the office.
A similar excuse men often use is they are out hanging out with their friends. For example, they may say they are out playing poker with their buddies.


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