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137 thoughts on “FRANK WESTERLING is a Liar and Cheater

  1. Agreed….he took me for everything i had! Hes a crooked boy! He is an alcoholic, druggie, habitual liar! He has herpees….STAY AWAY LADIES! He will ruin you! Hes a violent drink, has been in jail , and is a woman beater as well as verbally abusive! Liar, liar, liar!

  2. Yes you already runined you life. If you want to continue to sexually harass me. Now your gonna be leaving NY. Pack your bags skitzo. Nobody likes you around here! You don’t have friends and never will. Too many mental issues to make friends. You need to be hospitalized and put on medication. Your a compulsive liar and you have no respect for other people’s privacy and well being. Your just a nasty low life that can’t stop creeping. Now it’s time to make sure to destroy you… keep playing the game your gonna win something special at the end!

    1. He got me too. I thought I was smarter then that. I feel disgusting and ashamed that I let him minipulate me. Very good liar. I felt like I was in a lifetime movie. Prison? Seriously.. I don’t know people like that.

  3. Obviously im not the only one who he has hurt. There have been so many. Its sad, esp after he begged me to come back n he was detoxing and getting clean n wanted my help????.  Women be warned! If amyone wamts to hear the conversations n texts you all know my number….so sorry u cant see him for the peice of shit he really is…..hes a mean cruel manipulative angy little boy who has not delt w hmedicates’e medicates with alcohol n drugs. This is to warn other womem! Look up alcoholic and narcissistic behavior….it is him to a tee, esp drunk. He is a delusional man who will lie his way into any womans life n believe his lies. A lifetime mobie….yes. A book for sure. We shpuld turn all of our hurt n manipulation and profit from it. Afterall he owed some of us money.

    1. Why can’t you just admit it, Christina,  that all of these so called other people are all you!!!!!  You are doing your damnest to make it look like he’s the bad guy and you are the poor victim here.  You are the one that needs help.

      1. Maybe you are right?  Maybe he truly is the asshole you say he is.  As much as I wanted to believe that he’s really a nice guy, just has a huge drinking problem. I’m beginning to believe that he brainwashed me, thinking that was he only problem.  And how many lies has he told me??  How do I know what was the truth and what was a lie.

  4. Maybe you are right and i just wanted to believe he is/was a good person.  II don’t know what to believe anymore.  Did he get the help he needs?  Is he still working?

  5. Ladies.. look up Pathological Liar. It sadden’s me that there are so many that have such low self-esteem to have fallen for his lies. Pick yourselves up!

  6. I wonder who wrote this comment? Who posted this? Obviously Natalie Becerra! Who else uses this website? Unless it’s Natalie Becerra friends that I’m posting and are posting pretending to be fake people as Natalie Becerras to make mental sanity for me. Now I earned a defense in insanity against these postings. So I’m going to include that in this complaint

  7. just an FYI to all u females/ girls.. I have one more big thing to say apparently he has a Daughter that he did not acknowledge or care about.. that truly says more about his character …. Just saying and her name ( Amanda Chapman)   that sucks.. maybe he is who he is today,,, can’t even commit to a child.. sad

  8. And who is Natalie????  I still believe this is all Christina pretending to be all of these different women.


    Frank has problems,  but don’t we all??  You just chose to dwell on his issues!!!

  9. well Natalie should have known better. She was harassing me for a few years completely ruined my life made me a loser with her harassment. Now she’s back for more. She don’t want to give me pussy she wants to cause me problems with her harassment. OK if she wants to play that game again I can play the game too…

  10. O no I’m in the que Hunnie. The dating complaints got my ass in the fucking que. but anyway… no I think I’m on the right page. I know who I am and you know who you are right or wrong? Dont fucking bullshit me” fucking quote… anyhow. Yea. So yea I think I’m posting to the same person who I think I k posting post the right word nigga? Cause I don’t know this Internet lingo shit. But yea. Well I think I’m “posting” to the same Fucking person I fucking thing it is. Fo so nigga. You wanna buy me some malt liquor or what.

  11. So what r u doing?  You know who I’m talking to?? Your a girl. What r u doing now? Just staring at the computer scene? Cool.. thanks

  12. For the love of PETE!!!! I am tired of being accused of being a stalker and whatever else hes saying or causing u to believe…..We met on Dec 5th of last yr…..the last yr of my life has been HELL bc this man continues to throw me away and then come back….meanwhile texting and calling his ex (who is my friend since all of this, we have swapped texts and phone calls, of which were almost the same!) of seven yrs….he cheated and proposed to another woman with HER ring when on his prior job in Calf….meanwhile screwing his former stripper basement tenant, a gal named Judy and a local gal named Treasa……that is the long and short of it…..ANd have you seen the mug shots and know of his recent DUI?

    I “thought” we had everything settled…I moved in this summer….losing my career, my home, and my savings…because we were to be married….thus, I found out more of this delusional individual….strip bars, threesomes, illegal drugs….and more.

    Interesting, I was always accused of cheating and being unfaithful. I can tell that he is telling stories…just like when he was not truthful w me about why is ex left….he said SHE was on the couch of his house w a one night stand. She, like myself, had been taken….she is owed $20,000 and bought the house of which he resides….and Im sure you all think its about the “dogs”….(if u are in his life you will know what I mean).

    Yes, I had a wedding dress, moved in, and was fooled. Obviously, a third party started this when I found out about HER! This probably was to warn other women of his toxic lifestyle. I can see why, she did so. Esp if he beat her too, among other things.

    I not only lost my heart to this man, but my self worth, and my life. He has a way to fool us all. If any of you would like to see or hear the messages from just three weeks ago….please feel free to ask him for my number, since I am getting phone calls already….the “I love yous”, “You’ll be in my arms Thursday night”, and the “you are worth fighting for”….all were nothing but shallow words to a man who doesn’t care about anything but himself…

    So, Judy, Gina, Jill, Krista, Treasa, Natalie, Kelly and whomever else, please refrain from mentioning me…I tried to help a man who I loved very much….I have since been trying to pick up the pieces of my life….and torched my wedding gown. If any of you choose to be involved with him and listen to his stories….that’s on you. Every person deserves a benefit of a doubt, and a second chance. He won’t change. He will always be a drunk, selfish, abusive liar. Its a shame, when you see the good in a person, and it doesn’t surface.

    And Frank, you have made your own bed by destroying hearts and lives….GROW THE FUCK UP and act your age and be a man behind your words instead of a COWARD….You should be ashamed of yourself. Please STOP making up lies about me and our relationship! If you didn’t want me in your life you shouldn’t had been coming back all the time. I am NOT your puppet on your string!  I wanted o help you with your detox n you current situation bc I cared and loved you with everything I had despite you doing everything you did. You recovery and pretend detox, did not lore me in but further saddened me for you and what I thought was a new beginning. Inside you are prob a good man with some kind of conscience….but until you get help, you will not be able to see what damage you have done to yourself and others….its sad. So weather its you posting weird crap at 1:40am….of one of your “Women”…please, refrain from making me any further part of your life….I am trying to move on and be a better person from this experience. Get help.

  13. PS….My heart goes out to Amanda. I tried to talk some sence into him about u….But oh hunny he does not talk nice of you….stay away, trust me when I tell you….He’ll never change and is the same person he was years ago.

  14. FYI- Judy was never a tenant nor a stripper.   She has her own house an hour away and a job that certainly does not involve stripping.   Though I do know there was a tenant who was a previous stripper.  Get your facts straight before you accuse innocent people.

  15. Never said she was a stripper. He left camping w treasa to come home and fack her and then went back camping in august…..His tenant was the threesome stripper …as for natalie….he was with the other woman n she is a new name. Yes….i am the hurt one here. No career, no home….SOLD MY BUSINESS TO BE W HIM…i did not find out any of this until August when i left n came back to my empty life.

    Whoever called me and was furious w me…..bring it. I csn show u everything from as doon as three weeks ago….and as soon as yesterday when i told him to stop….all of u…he says….and i quote…”i have not dated or tried to meet anyone since you….”

    We all know its bullshit. Whoever is w him….you will see what a toxic liar he is….” i need you….i need my best friend….i am going to run to Costa rica, come with me….i rented a car and im going to see my dying aunt, come with me…”

    The lies never ended….and he said all of those things to all of us….


    Karma will get him for all of thr lives he has ruined someday. I wish i never met him!

    Please dont feel  bad for me. Feel bad for Amanda n her mother…..they are the REAL victims here…..CLEARLY NOT HIM AS HE PORTRAYS. He has always been the first one to be yelling at everyone and playing victim. Frank… ate a pathetic drunk peice of shit for everything u have done. No matter how ” sorry” you say u are to her n me….you dont change n u continue to use and lie to all of us. You are the one who begs and comes back…..NOT W ME ANYMORE I AM NOT PLAYING YOUR GAME…..THEY SHOULD HAD KEPT YOUR ASS IM JAIL AND NOT LET U OUT…..YOU ARE A MENIS TO SOCIETY, A DANGER TO WOMEN, AND EVERYTIME YOU DRINK AND GET ON YOUR ONLY FORM OF TRANSPORTATION,  your bike…., YOU, YOUR BUD AND JAMISON ENDANGER EVERYONE ON THE ROAD….THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN U HIT THE THROTTLE….HOPING THE COPS NAB U AGAIN. U SHOULDN’T BE ON THE ROAD!

    All of you….this is my last post. The hurt this man has caused me is so deep…..every word out of his mouth is a lie….as much as i wanted to believe him….i cant. His true colors have come thru. Its time to move away and try to pick up the peices of my heart and my life….and continue on.

    I am clearing my “reputation” as Frank as lied about me. Im a 43 yr olf professional woman. He is the one who has shown up to my house and called my business come “home”…please dont do this….meanwhile all of u are hearing the same things….accusing me of cheating while i sat home alone….including chridtmas n new years last yr…..countless weekends told me he was coming and three hrd later a no show…..i cleaned his house….cooked…..did everything but what negativr he has accused me of…..sad.

    I am not a stalker. I am not a cheater. I am a good woman who has been literally beat down by Frank. No more….enough is enough. How he can look in the mirror is beyond me….

    And I am moving on. Bless u all. Good luck. Distance yourselves… weary.





    1. Hmm seems like I was getting the same stories.

      Wow!!!!  Wow!!!  Omg!!!!!  Sadly I will say I spent Christmas Eve and New Years Eve night with him.  But left the following mornings.  I was the stupid one for falling for all of it.  More times than I can count!!!!  I had thoughts in the back of my head, of other women involved and I Certainly won’t go into it, but now I’m wishing I would have listened to my gut and not my heart!

      So here’s my question because he never answers when I ask, did he lose his job? Is the truck gone?  Did he lose his license again?  And yes I know about this last DUI…. but I don’t know the effects of it, as I had moved on with my life.  Only for him to get in contact again with me months later.

      1. Why do you fucking care if he lost his job or anything else about him if you moved on  last time I checked moving on means having nothing to do with a person or situation  as for his family leave them off this shit it has nothing to do with them  all you need to grow the hell up and move on  lost your business and life because of him boohoo move on and leave him alone get your number changed if you really want nothing to do with him  don’t throw stones when your just as at fault as he is  you come on here and bash him but want to know what’s going on in his life JUST STOP AND STSY THE FUCK AWAY IT’S THAT SIMPLE

  16. He was fired. Lied on his resume and about dui. No truck. No job. Soon jail?

    Im a pscho? No…..i invite you ALL to see my phone n the long time girlfriends. Hejust wrote a letter to her!

    Three weeks ago….he Loved me….  he invited me over to straighten things out n help him get sober….

  17. I was guessing he had someone else during holidays….wow. I found a pr of pj bottoms in hid closet in Feb….yes hes still contacting me as well….including e msils denying all of u. Yes i habr been told to move on then he comes back…..if i day i was on a date he accuses me of being a whore n crazy…..He contacts all of us to see who he can play w. Whoever u are sticking up for him…..youll see….trust us.





    MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS [email protected] if u all want to reach out and support eachother. I plan contacting lawyer and taking this further for my losses.

  19. The light up pic n sail boat n new curtains….plant in lr….all from us….making a “house a home” ..

    Anyone get a gift fron him? A tweed winter coat….its mine.

  20. Judy….thank u for reaching out. Interesting. He is a hurtful liar. Please….anyone else who is a victim please e mail me….i have a successful case….we all do.

  21. Anyone get one from the summer w hid shirt off in the dun or the rabbit photos n video……he was trying to feed it????



  22. It disgusts me more and more each day the lies he has told, and to not just me,  but multiple women.   And the timelines.  Holy cow!!!  He needs serious help!  He thinks he tells no lies, and continuesly will tell you that he doesn’t lie, just to make himself look good.  He wants you to believe you are the wrong one. Sorry Frank, your games have come full circle now and we know what you have been doing. You honestly have no clue as to how much hurt you have done to all of us!!

  23. You are a COWARD and A complete ASSHOLE FRANK…three weeks homeless in a hotel….no business…no employment…..No savings……and your worthless lies we all believed…I lost so much….ATTORNEY HIRED!

  24. Still calling texting and emailing sating that Christina is a stalker etc…..thst poor girl closed her business, quit her career, is loosing her home because of all your deceit and lies…..and u have the fucking nerve to call n text all the others…..saying your fucking sorry n shes telling stories?  Just like u did w Gina… lowlife motherfucker… dare u hurt women like this?you’re judgment day is coming you peice of shit drunk!

  25. No. nobody thinks this isn’t Natalie Becerra harsssing me on the Internet. Pretending to be fake people. Major mental breakdown. Skitzophrenic scumbag bitch! Likes to sexually harass others through the internet 864 glenmore avenue Brooklyn ny

    1. I know at least 3 of us, aren’t Natalie.  Really sir, I believe you are on the wrong page,  or you are frank trying to throw us off.

  26. Yes grown adults that are in there 30 and beyond have never seen an alcoholic. It’s not like 75% of society isn’t injecting themselves full of heroin in 2016. And actually when your “husband” cheats on you normal people post on a complaint board and actually multiple friends and family members come and comment on a “thread” on the Internet. Do you know what this is called your acting as a sock puppet and it’s called trolling the internet and actually you know it’s illegal depending on which state you live in. In NYS it’s state law 5530 misrepresenration and harassment.   Yes Natalie Becerra skitzophrenic 864 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn NY

    exactly what normal people do. Hide behind a computer pretending to be fake people.

  27. It’s amazing to me, that he honestly believes he did nothing wrong.  That we are the ones in the wrong.  Frank, did any of us ask to be brought into a relationship with other women??  No we didn’t.  Some us thought it was just you and no one else.  Things certainly opened all of our eyes this past weekend.  Scary part is, I really believe you thought none of us would ever find each other out?  Or we would all still go with what our heart wanted to tell us, instead of listening to our gut.  You have been found out, and time lines have all been talked out.  And the lies you told all of us, have been exposed.

    My hope is, that other women read this and stay as far away from you as possible.  They keep their hearts in 1 piece.  And that hopefully, sooner-rather than later-karma pays a much needed visit to you.  It’s what you deserve.  And maybe one day, you will realize what your lies and manipulation have done to these innocent women. ????

  28. Yes ok.. so maybe you guys need to stop contacting me and maybe yoh should contact Natalie Becerra. She lives at 864 glenmore avenue in Brooklyn. She’s the one that has made me crazy by contacting me as fake people on the internet. And honestly I can’t take the mental trauma. So now let’s see how i deal with this person in this coming week. I’m pretty sure it’s time for her to move out of Brooklyn. I’m notifying all her neighbors of her behavior.

  29. Frank…you are a pathetic asshole….you are contacting us still, trying to back pedal….pathetic! and you claim I’m a crazy person…NOT….You SOB you made your bed and you are now surrounded by the TRUTH! Your GAME is EXPOSED!!! LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!! We are ALL owed explanations. Your day of reckoning is coming! You should be jailed for what you have done to all of us!

  30. Hmm… didn’t I just ask you to stop contacting me. You obviously know I think your Natalie Becerra pretending to be fake people. Only the web administrator should know what IP address these postings are being posted through. The problem with all this is that I’m putting a complaint of hate crime in with the United states airforce. Do you know my cousin is in the airforce. Do you know he has go on real missions not a mental case that does grunt work. I’m putting a claim in against the military for negligence and the department of justice. Natalie Becerra is a cutter and is receiving federal taxes to pay her bills to support her in her HATE crimes against me as a man.  I have plenty of postings and messages from her friends. Natalie needs to be hospitalized. Besides that. I am doing a mailing to all her neighbors. You can definitely expect January 2017 to be very serious consequences for Natalie. If she is not put in a psychward for threatening the safety and well being of others and asking grown men to rape her and as these internet postings claim she threatens to hurt herself   If Natalie is not put in a mental institution she will without a doubt in my mind have to leave NYC. I’ve already taken my complaints to another website. Since the web administrator here at dating complaints has me in the que and only posts what he chooses to post and when he chooses to post my complaints. Well what’s going on is that all these people are being uploaded onto other websites. Like I said this is a hate crime. Good luck having this removed from the Internet. Nothing you can ever do will change the time that your robbed in my life and these postings will live on as a reminder to how much problems Natalie Becerra and her loser friends and family have impacted my life. Stop contacting me as fake people your going get yourself admitted into a psychward if you keep harassing me. It’s called EDP and in NYC the police dept will restrain you and take you to the hospital. If you want to gamble your luck I dare you to try!

  31. Not really sure who told your skitzophrenic friend to contact me pretending to be fake people. Trust me going to be serious consequences for this…

  32. Yet another one!!! 5 of us!???? You are a peice of shit. Texting her to come over n u love her….while threatening to committ suicide n that u wrote ur last will n testament…….you need help and to leave us all alone….you are a dismal failure! You deserve to be jailed for everything you have done and taken from us! What would u had done if one showed up while another was there?  Scumbag! Your day is coming….KARMA WILL GET U….AND EVERYONE OF US WILL BE APPLAUDING!

  33. You piece of shit!!  Call me last night and tell me you are sorry for everything you put me through and that’s me and my friend will be happy with what you do last night??  What was that??  Calling yet another girl up and asking her to come over???? What is wrong with you????????  Karma baby!!!!

  34. Yea i fuck hookers all the time.. I bet your sisters gonna be a hooker. Don’t cock block me and then talk shit about who I’m Fucking. No im gonna go into a cave and prey to god and stop having sex and stop using the internet and in going to disassociate myself with society waiting for a skitzophrenic who can’t stop creeping… yea you got that right… I fucked a hooker last night and I’ll fuck one tonight… give me the key to your apt and I’ll fuck her on your bed and kitchen counter too

  35. Fuck you Christiana. You want me to chock you out? Why don’t you come here and suck on his fat cock! You don’t miss little pleasuring Frankie jr hunny?  How about if you don’t keep your stupid mouth shut I don’t post our home videos all over the net and let everyone know how you scream for daddy when Frankie JR was pleasuring you.

  36. What the fuck did I tell you Christiana. Stop playing this bullshit game! Your lucky I don’t come there and kick your door on you stupid trouble making bitch! If you don’t answer my phone calls I’m going to the Asian brothel tonight..   it’s not like the chink isn’t gonna give me a blowjob. Just a rub and tug… I really just need to bust this load all over your tits baby.. you don’t want Frankie jr to spit up all over mamma??

  37. And as for Gina. Tell her Adam as an ugly fucking troll. If she wants a real man she needs suck on this Hardon and forget about that “LOSER”

    this dick is all she needs to think about…

  38. Check your email Gina. I just sent you some erotic pics. Tell Adam that’s what I think about him. And as for Christina. Well hunny I’m out the door to get my full service Asian massage. Stop me if you can you stupid cunt!

  39. Just got home. Sipping on my last beer. Amazing time with my Chinese doll! Thank God for Chinese women ????????!


    Gotta get some shut eye.. have work in the morning.. and probably gonna want another full service session with my girl Yolkie!

  40. You dont even have a vechivle to go anywhere!

    Thought u were killing yourself again?And Wheres that will and testament u wrote? At least they were the texts we got the past two nights….Leave us alone! We are all seeing people and moved on! LEAVE US ALONE!

    We all realize how sick you are. You need help. You are a black hearted drunk liar womanizer.

    You are running out of options bc you have been caught! Reaching out to women listed in your old flip phone from pof while u were in a 7 yr ” relationship” w a beautiful person….and you keep going! Reaching out to Gina after you ask her to marty u e domeone elses ring….SICK!

    Scumbag! You deserve everything thats coming to you!

    Leave us alone!

  41. I miss you babe. Where are you? Frankie jr is looking for you now… you don’t miss Frankie jr in the morning? Let’s make this work. We can talk about it and get through this. Don’t send me to the Chinese again today. I love  you!  Take me back!

  42. Nice to no u were blowing all of us up in your drunken stuper last night! Can u leave us alone please? You are caught and u are nothing but a scumbag looser non driving drunk…..Merry Christmas!

    1. You must be very desperate….now u are texting ALL the women u met online over a yr ago…….out of options? Have you no boundaries or conscience of what you have done to all of our lives!???

  43. Lol….and you were blowing up all of us….i know i and the other two ignored u and u were warned….u Frank are a true psychopath….how about you leave us ALL ALONE!!!! Please!!!!! We have all moved on wo u….all is well in our worlds….LEAVE US ALONE! You deserved to locked up n under going serious psychiatric therapy.

  44. I’m supposed to what? Go away! I told you I love you! I gave you my babies and this how you treat me Karen! What do you want me to do?

  45. Oh another one….and another child??? Children? Why am i not surprized???? A true scumbag! You make all of us sick Frank! A true psycopath and sociopathic asshole! is coming!

  46. I remember when u used to ask me…”what do you want me to do?? Forgive me, please…” nothing but LIES AND STORIES FOR ALL OF US!

  47. And STILL blowing us all up dispite the fact we ALL MOVED ON….! We are no longer your victims… Leave us all alone jerkoff!

  48. As the year comes to an end, I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.  And he continues to leave us alone.  Day 3 and I’ve heard nothing.  Doesn’t mean I won’t tonight, but when I get past 1 day of not hearing from Frank, makes it easier to go on day to day.

  49. My latest text, and I quote…”I hope it’s week before your neighbors report the smell of your dead body in your house where your dopefiend boyfriend leaves you. Fucking lying whore!!!! Karma got me. Now she’s coming for you.”   That’s real nice……What a great guy…all bc I am not under your control….then you deny it….I can show you all me phone! Sorry you are soooo caught. KARMA???? Who got karma?????I have a job, a license, a home, and  great man…..What do you have….FINES< LOSSING YOUR HOME<NO TRANSPORTATION>NO LICENSE!!!!!!!! APPEAL…Hope you can hire another whore to drive you to JERSEY!!!!!!  You are a real abusive, lying,  alcoholic….GET HELP! STOP THREATENING PEOPLE AND HURTING WOMEN>>>>>WATCH “I OBJECT” and “IM NOT GOING INTO THE WOODS” and “UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY” on U tube….learn something about yourself! You are a violent abuser and you will go to jail!

  50. Get the help u need Frank. You are a sick man. i am glad i found this out now! Omg….the lies!  My heart goes out to the women he has manipulated. Seams like he blames everyone for his issues. supposively  takes different women to certain bars in Boothwyn?  He offers anything that walks a ride on his harley and to his house when he is by himself. ??? I am glad I didnt get further involved w you….I hope you find your life complete now with the mayhem you created with these ladies. I know I myself will be sure to warn everyone….thank you ladies for starting this post. You saved me! And thanks to the man who warned me when I went out in the area!

  51. Hey Christa E……now we know who the stripper threesome heroin addict live in basement whore is….you knew the truth and u didnt tell any of us bc you wanted to get “free” rent??? You bitch lying whore!!! Now you use death of a great truthful woman to reach out to me…..AND IM NOT AN ADULT? ?? Glad u blicked me….just  proved what a ciward u are, just like Frank…..Leave us all alone….you want to remain in his life and be treated like the stripper whore you are….go ahead….have at it…DO NOT REACH OUT TO ANY OF US….ESP WHEN WE PRESENT u  W THE TRUTH….AND THIS IS WHY YOU SHOUlD NOT RENT FROM FRANK WESTERLING! Christa…you are too a peice of fucking shit!!! Miss “college student”….

  52. Yes, I am a local in his area. There was a school teacher here too, as well as myself. Thank you for saving me!!! He is a real creep…We are alerting everyone thanks to these postings! I hope you ladies are ok!

    1. Wow wow wow!!  Every single day I learn more and more of his lying and cheating ways!!  Dear lord how did I ever fall into his trap and for so long????!?

    1. Awwww….whats wrong Frankie Pooh….you are found out now??? Awww….u didnt get anyone to clean up your mess? Maybe when u go to jail you will sober up long enough to realize whos and how many lives you ruined! Narcissistic peice of shit drunk…..rott in HELL!


    Hey ladies… you hear those KARMA bells???? Ding ding ding…..just a matter of time you my dear Frank will end up homeless and toothless again!!!! I DOUBT ANYONE WOULD EVEN THINK OF RESCUING YOU NOW!! Christa the whore still can… never know!

    You deserve everything you get…..esp for hurting and taking advantage of 4 wonderful women….IDIOT! You keep lying and spreading herpes and see if your luck gets anybetter! Liar liar… we can pop some pop corn and watch Karma unfold! HA HA!

  54. Natalie Becerra 30 3rd avenue 6R Brooklyn NY


    isnt it a bit funny. The online creep harassing people wants to live in NYC meanwhile has no friends at all. Actually dispised by everyone she comes in contact with. When do you think it’s time to leave? Nobody likes you around here. Why are you still living in NYC? Disgusting pitiful pathetic person thinks she’s welcome. No actally nobody likes you here leave!

  55. Hey Frank….did yoy learn yoye lesson yet?? You running out of your supply yet???? Are yoy finished terrorizing and lting to innocent women?? Are yoy tired if court rooms and having police at your house? ??  Lol!!!!!!

  56. Maybe Natalie Becerra should stop lying pretending to be fake people. It’s called being a sock puppet and it’s going to cause her to get locked up in a psychward.  And major complaint against the United States government

  57. So over and done with all of this bullshit with ALL of you!!!  Everyone just go about your lives and forget that anyone knows anyone!!!!  Omg so he screwed all of our lives up, so he it!!  I’m over it!!!!  I have moved on and I’m happy!!  Why is my name being brought up STILL without MY PERMISSION!!?!?!?!?!?  Just everyone go about your lives.  The past is the past.

  58. WOW….I think we all moved on….I know for a fact we did!! Judy, I got your text….I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!! I RESPONDED TO YOU…He’s tryin to create an issue again. I am sorry if he is telling you lies. I AM PROTECTING MYSELF AGAINST HIS THREATS ANS HARRASSMENT!!!! AS SHOULD YOU!!!!! Obviously my name is still bringing bought up too….WHY, it has NOTHING to do with you or any of his other victims. I am sorry he’s roping you in again Hunny….I am VERY HAPPY and I am protecting myself against his death threats against me. He’s dangerous…..I have been contacted SEVERAL times…and I WANT IT TO STOP!!!! I chose to ignore it…As I think you should too. You and I both lost a yr of our life and I lost SO MUCH more than some of you….PLEASE, if you havea n issue with me, come to me directly, call me. Don’t act like this is more than it is….I am trying to move forward as well. I will show you all the court mess and paperwork, gladly. He’s playing his games again,  with you, not me, if you want to fall for that “story” go ahead…… I RECORDED NONE OF YOUR CALLS!!!! I have respect for you, you too were thru a similar thing with him.WOW, just wow……..I MOVED ON AND I AM HAPPY>>>>>>AND PROTECTED!!!!!



    I know your supply is limited now, but leave us ALLLLLLLL ALLLONE!!!!! STOP TEXTING AND CALLING ME>>>>PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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