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Fahrin Jaffer is a pathological liar and serial cheater


Fahrin Jaffer in Toronto is the epitome of a fraud. Fahrin Jaffer lies about everything. Fahrin Jaffer is 49 years old and she says she has never been married or had any kids. In reality, Fahrin Jaffer was married thrice and has several kids out of wedlock. After Fahrin Jaffer meets a man on the Tinder app and various other dating sides, she sleeps with them right away and demands money or she would cry rape. The men have no choice but to pay her hefty amounts of money. This is no surprise given that Fahrin Jaffer was (or is still is) a call girl and she still works occasionally as an escort.  Even worst, during sexual intimacy, Fahrin Jaffer is excessively flatulent and downright hygienic. Fahrin Jaffer is known to court and be sexually intimate with several men at the same time without disclosing this to any of the men. Fahrin Jaffer also tells people that she is educated and worked at big corporate law firms but in reality this unemployed bum went to the worst school on the planet – Thomas Cooley. People out there need to leery of this unabashed cheating fraud Fahrin Jaffer!


92 thoughts on “Fahrin Jaffer is a pathological liar and serial cheater

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    Awwww. Poor Fahrin Jaffer.

    All her girlfriends are getting married, going on their honeymoons, having children, enjoying life yet Fahrin Jaffer is just farting and defrauding away while her biological clock ticking non-stop.

    Fahrin Jaffer will never experience the joys of holding her own child in her hands, having loving husband bring her flowers & chocolates on Valentine’s Day or ever experience the joys of being called “Mommy” or having the proud title of “Mrs” or her name.

    No self-respecting man wants to marry used & abused leftover damaged goods like this Fahrin Jaffer imbecile with a loose as a goose punany and a gigantic anal cavity opening. Eligible men always seek out gorgeous young teenage virgin chicks and groom them to be their wife and mother of their healthy kids.

    Promiscuous twits like Fahrin Jaffer do serve a necessary purpose in society after all – that is for booty call encounters only. Marriage or girlfriend material? No ‘effin way!

    Fahrin Jaffer is a case-in-point example why I do not want any daughters. I will instruct my hot subservient wife to only reproduce and give me boys.

    Sucks to be you, Fahrin Jaffer.

  2. Everyone in Toronto knows that Fahrin Jaffer has had several abortions and she is also HIV positive. Men need to stay away from this hooker Fahrin Jaffer!

  3. Agreed…. Everyone knows that Fahrin Jaffer is completely crazy.  All she knows is to lie if you ask me.  She hooked up with my buddy, and he told me she was nuts.  All I could say is I told you so …. Stay away from her.  Karma Fahrin Jaffer.

  4. I agree about Fahrin Jaffer farting during sex. Like, seriously, who does that? What decent girl lets out stinky farts during sex? FaHrin Jaffer obviously does. I met Fahrin Jaffer at Muzik nightclub and within hours we got fully intimate. When she farted several times I thought she was drunk… but then the next few times when we had sex, Fahrin Jaffer just farted non-stop and she giggled as though it was funny. She has no class whatsoever. Gross!


  5. Actually I find it rather sexy when a girl cuts cheese! I think a lot of guys have a fart in my face fetish. It’s extremely sexy for some guys. Don’t know about you but I have had sex with a few girls that where quiffing a vagina fart. It’s normal means they have air in their vagina. At first I thought it was just Iranian girls that vagina fart but later learned its normal. So I was so turned on that I just had to get a little more.. And each fart was just sexier and sexier. I wanna girl to fart on me during anal.. Would be intresting. Is that even possible?

  6. This girl is smoking hot. I want her more than anything in the world.. She is just awesome.

    She can beef all she wants. Just as long as she gives me really nasty blowjobs. I don’t care! Fahrin be my mistress please..

  7. Fahrin Jaffer once had sex in the cab with a Somali taxi driver because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the ride after a night of clubbing… yuck. Fahrin Jaffer’s sister Sameera Prebtani is another big slut now married to some naive and loser dude who has no issues with used & abused leftover non-virgin trash… haha

  8. Who the fuck wrote this? I am the cab driver.. And Fahrin is extremely sexy with a extremely sexy name. She is extremely beautiful. So please don’t disrespect her. I was the cab driver she had sex with. And me and Fahrin have known each other for sometime. It wasn’t disgusting. Actually was the best sex i have ever in my life had.  This girl knows how to ride a guy! I know there are a lot of jealous women on this site. I have noticed there are a lot of postings under certain users. Surely they can’t get off of this website. Most definitely this women has a jealousy problem against Fahrin. I warn you! Fahrin is extremely addictive. If you know her then you know what I mean. No reason to be jealous. Hint hint at the previous poster (Most likely a bad person)!

  9. I am shocked that Fahrin Jaffer has been posted now after all this time… Fahrin Jaffer is well-known around Toronto as a gold-digging home wrecker… Fahrin Jaffer has has sexual affairs with so many married men ruining many happy marriages and family, I am sure Fahrin Jaffer will never ever experience the joys of having her own happy marriage or family one day. Fahrin Jaffer is up in age and her biological clock is way beyond the best before date…. she needs to freeze her eggs! lol. Karama is a b!tch, Fahrin Jaffer. PS – I am a woman and if all these comments are true, ewww, who farts when having sex??? you are a filthy and nasty, Fahrin. Go see a doctor

  10. I’ve fucked fahrin more than a few times many years ago and every time we did it she passed gas. her farts stink like an atom bomb exploded, lol. i dunno what this ugly bitch eats but she is horrible.

  11. Haha! Fahrin Jaffer and I dated a while ago and had rough sex numerous times (I was going through a rough patch with my wife at that time). Fahrin didn’t seem to have any issues with the fact that I was married. I take it that Ms. Jaffer has slept with and continues to sleep with them in exchange for expensive gifts and even money! Fahrin tried to get me to pay for a nose job a number of times, but I declined to pay for it. LOL

  12. Agreed with all the comments about Fahrin Jaffer. Nevermind that she is a cheater, a shameless liar, hideously ugly and much more, she is a serial farting bitch. She has no class whatsoever.

  13. Fahrin Jaffer steals money from clients yet never gets any work done!!!

    Ms Fahrin Jaffer – HIV Positive Call Girl Hooker Prostitute Escort with AIDS – Toronto Lawyer – Liar – Facebook – LinkedIn – Warning To The Public And Clients – Reviews – The Dirty – TheDirty – Fraud – Steal Money From Clients – Scammer – Law – Cooley – Twitter – Toronto – Cheater – Eric Barapp – SUNY Buffalo – Lawyer – Thief – Reviews – Cases – Personal Injury – Thomas Cooley – McMaster – Fat Girl – Fart Queen – Misleading Clients – Lies About Her Credentials – Warning to Potential Clients and Opposing Counsel – Bombed the LSAT – Failure – Report My Ex – Dating Complaints – Complaints Board – Crook

    This missive is to make the general public and jurist community aware of some of the troubling issues surrounding LSUC licensee Ms. Fahrin Jaffer.

    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer routinely misleads the general public (and members of the legal community) through misleading exaggerations, in some instances running afoul of the LSUC Rules of Professional Conduct.

    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer intentionally and deliberately suppresses her true academic history during job interviews and various other social settings.

    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer routinely mentions to lay people that she attended “University of New York School of Law” (a top-ranked T14 elite law school in the US); this assertion is profoundly incorrect and patently false.

    Instead, Ms. Fahrin Jaffer attended a 4th tier much lower-ranked “State University of New York in Buffalo, NY” (a laughable public institution).

    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer also does not state in her resume and on job applications that in her 1L (first-year) she had attended one of the worst law schools that is currently under intense ABA scrutiny – The Thomas M. Cooley School of Law.

    It is transparently evident that much like every other Canadian that goes abroad to a lower-ranked law school that has a far less stringent standards of admission, Ms. Fahrin Jaffer had hideous LSAT score(s) and quite possibly even a subpar undergraduate GPA, in essence, her inability to gain admission to a Canadian law school. Regardless of her failure to successfully attain admission to a reputable law school, her specious resume and her routinely misleading the general public is abhorrent and brings disrepute to the profession and the administration of justice.

    It should also be noted Ms. Fahrin Jaffer uses her influence and status as an LSUC licensee in good standing (ie. lawyer) to threaten, badger and intimidate members of the general public, which clearly runs contrary to the good character requirements outlined in the LSUC Rules of Professional Conduct, amounting to professional misconduct if found in competent by the LSUC’s Disciplinary Bodies. Furthermore, Fahrin Jaffer claims (in her resume and profiles) that she is a “Litigation Associate” on the Plaintiff side of Personal Injury Law working with the law firm D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP. A verification check made to D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP confirms that Fahrin Jaffer has NEVER WORKED at this firm or handled any files with this firm.

    The general public should not be swayed or intimidated by Ms. Fahrin Jaffer’s threats of an inappropriate nature. The general public can initiate complaints with The Law Society of Upper Canada. Complaints against LSUC members will be taken seriously and pursued vigorously. At one point, Ms. Jaffer even asserted to a member of the judicial community stating that “she had articled at a Bay St. Sister law firm working on corporate transactions”, where as in reality she had articled for a no-name sole-practitioner handling plaintiff-side personal injury files. Her bald-faced lie was quickly caught much to her embarrassment and personal humiliation, followed by a brief retraction.

    The aforementioned is simply to make the general public aware of Ms. Fahrin Jaffer so that the general public is better protected. There is not a scintilla of doubt that anything posted is not the least bit defamatory or libelous. Truth is a valid defence against libel. Any attempts (by counsel or said individual) to suppress free speech (eg. court order) would be futile given that this submission has been posted from a non-Canadian jurisdiction and will shortly be mirrored to hosting sites in Russia, China, North Korea and various other jurisdictions where takedown orders handed down by a Canadian court would have no impact whatsoever.

  14. To all the haters out there..

    I know Farhin and she is not the type of person you people are claiming her to be. Don’t ruin her future just for your mistakes in the past..


  15. Fahrin Jaffer and her sister Sameera Jaffer (now Sameera Prebtani married to that geek Alim) are the biggest whores in Toronto and everyone knows that!

    When Fahrin Jaffer was 13 years old, she started an affair with her neighbor, a 48 year old married man with kids, Fahrin’s sister Sameera also had a sexual affair with that same neighbor that forced their parents to move out of that house!

    Fahrin Jaffer acquired a taste for an older married man’s cock and enjoyed fucking them at a very young age… none of this is surprising, folks.

  16. Not only that… Fahrin Jaffer has had numerous abortions that even she has lost count as to how many… Fahrin Jaffer has STDs and she is also HIV positive… she doesn’t tell men that but I am sure they discover eventually when they see her loose as a goose huge pussy… and her sickening farting habits doesn’t help either… lol

  17. Me and Fahrin had a child but we had to abort it. Please don’t judge her by that. I just wasn’t ready to be a father. Fahrin is the best lover I have ever been with. Very sensual. I know many girls on here are not! Fahrin does not have a problem with passing gas. Very weird accusations. Why would you say that?  Fahrins farts smell like roses! I enjoy the stench of her ass! I would have married Fahrin but the religious difference between our parents never worked out. I love you Fahrin. Please come back to me! Shmaul Alkerfeld!

  18. By the way. This is Natalie Becerra posting these comments. Too bad just like fahrins name has been blacklisted. So has Natalie Becerra. Sad story. Bad people exposed!

  19. It is believed that Fahrin dated former disgraced CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi for a lengthy period.

    Not at all surprsing given that Ghomshi had a fart fetish. LMAO

  20. Farheen dyed her hair blond now . She looks disgusting especially with that huge fat chunky ass of her. Farheen and her nasty old cougar desi friends like Jessica Jandu, Preerti Grewal and the rest dye their hair thinking fake hair colour and eye contacts will make them look preety. hah. They are still old used up washed up fat ugly whores!

  21. Haha! Any dumb fool who marries skanks like Fahrin Jaffer, Jessica Jandu, Preeti Grewal and their ilk should get the word idiot tattooed on their foreheads, lol

  22. Dude, you must be on drugs! That or you have awful taste in chicks, LOL. Just Google Image photos of Fahrin Jaffer. You can see her cottage cheese fat ass, her jumbo thunder thighs, fat bulging jelly belly, etc. Fahrin is not only fat and ugly, but also outta shape. All that skin bleach and hair dye of her won’t make her beautiful given that she is now in the cougar zone!!! Bwahaha

  23. persian women are hot if you ask me…   its shame Fahrin Jaffer is a whore..    who would ever want to marry a woman like this?

  24. Fahrin Jaffer is a fucking idiot. She talks like a total ditz in person. Her communication skills are extremely poor. I wonder how she makes submissions in court, assuming she does once every now and then. No wonder this intemperate fool did awful on the LSAT which saw her attend some of the worst law schools. It’s also no surprise this hideous looking witch takes on Plaintiff side Personal Injury files (translation: last chance bottom-feeding work for any lawyer!)

  25. Fahrin Jaffer has had incestuous relationships with her father. It is believed that Fahrin Jaffer was sexually abused by her biological father, which is why today she is a big farting slut!

  26. Well since my wife is a prude that will give it to anyone but me faster than she can say hi… hahaha… yea.. right..! Good one..


    anyway.. since my “wife” will give it up to anyone besides me.. well yea I can’t wait till the morning so I can see this girl..


    Thanks for the feelings..

  27. Fahrin loves anal..  I bust in her ass all the time. Don’t tell my wife.. I feel guilty.. it just feels amazing with fahrin..  I can’t stop cheating. My wife doesn’t do anything for me.. I wake up with morning wood and she tells me to turn over

  28. It’s 150 for the half with a oil massage. She doesn’t walk on my back or nothing. But she’s just amazing..

    yes well worth the wait!


  29. Just for kicks, I was browsing the website of the third-tier garbage Eric Barapp law firm where Fahrin Jaffer works… and all I see there is inept lawyers – like Fahrin Jaffer – that went to dumpster law school abroad where  there is no LSAT or any other aptitude requirement… haha! Must be awful to work with a bunch other innate failures. Ouch.

    Fahrin Jaffer had dreams of working in corporate… back in in the day this dolt Fahrin Jaffer would boast on Facebook she was specializing in secured transactions (this is a course that students take in 2L or 3L – not an area of law practise). And now, Fahrin Jaffer the fart queen works as a bottom feeding ambulance chaser doing plaintiff side PI work… LMAO! Such is life. Bahrain Jaffer’s life is one big stinky fart!

  30. I just Googled terms like “Fahrin Jaffer Cooley”, “Fahrin Jaffer HIV positive”, etc. All sorts of goodies come up about her! What a fucking loser she is! LMAO

  31. See the thing about Fahrin is that, yes, her continuous farting when having sex is terrible but what really irks me that she is so smug that she thinks her passing gas is funny and humours. Get a life, stupid bitch! I have ben intimate with Fahrin about 15-20 times during the few months we dated. Every single time SHE FARTED like crazy. He bedroom conduct is rude, disrespectful and unhygienic.

  32. By the way. Farting during sex will cause an STD. No joking. Google it! Gotta ask me about it I know all about it. Read a lot on that subject

  33. OMG, this is the stink bomb Fahrin Jaffe?! On New Year’s Eve I met her at this club. We fucked within an hour in my car. She farted like crazy and now my car stinks!! I had my seats shampooed, my rugs stayed, etc. NOTHING! My car smells of her intestinal odor!!!

  34. OMG, the notorious fart monster Fahrin Jaffer finally made case law with a reported case on Canlii!!! Oh, wait – Fahrin Jaffer is not listed as counsel on record on a precedent setting matter. Instead she was listed in an affidavit! Hahaha! Fahrin Jaffer’s entire life and pathetic bottom-feeding joke of an ambulence chasing carrer is one big stinky toxic FART!!!

  35. Whoa, I looked up Fahrin Jaffer and this is what I get among other garbage about her on the internet. I went to the personal injury law firm of Eric Barapp where I met Fahrin Jaffer who I thought was acting for me on contingency despite asking me to pay a retainer up front. I asked her why she did not get any work done. I wanted my money back and Fahrin Jaffer said to me: “The only thing you are getting from me is my fart! Enjoy it and get lost!”. I am going to complain about this farting monster Fahrin Jaffer. No wonder there is all these bad reviews about her. Fahrin Jafer has NEVER tried, settled or mediated a plaintiff side case before!

  36. LOL! Someone pointed me to this posting about Fahrin Jaffer. It’s about time this skank got posted!

    I was sexually involved with Fahrin during the time we dated. Every time got it on, Fahrin’s bum smelled real bad. I don’t know if she cleaned it properly after taking a poo but I found it bizarre that her anus was always reeking of odor. Not to brag or anything, but I have been intimate with a quite a few girls and not to my experience I have smelled anything bad while fornicating with women. Fahrin farted a lot when I was with her but even when we were indulging foreplay in the nude, her ass smelled bad. Frankly, it was a turn off.

  37. I dated Fahrin Jaffer in Toronto before she was an escort / call girl / prostitute or whatever they call it these days… actually, we were more like “friends with benefits”. I was married but Fahrin didn’t seem to care. This was about 12 years ago. Anyway, this Valentine’s Day, it reminded me of a Valentine’s Day card Fahrin gave me. In the card she wrote:

    “Roses are red, violets are blue; what I’ll have in my bed, is a fart for you!”

    Fahrin Jaffer was and probably  still is one sick disgusting flatulence obessed freak!!

  38. NEW NEW!!!!

    I just found out that Fahrin is sleeping with her brother in law Alim Prebtani! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s right, her brother in law is cheating on Fahrin sister Sameera! its so messed up. Shes sleeping with her brother in law.

    what a disgusting family!!!

  39. Hey I finally got on fahrins waiting list. I’m number 14! Thank god! Now I can finally meet the beautFil fahrin.  Heard a lot about her mostly anal and farting fetish. Once again. Thank god!

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  41. Fahrin Jaffer has slept with MANY, and I mean MANY MANY MANY filthy disgusting Pakistani and Sikh taxi drivers in her lifetime… is it any wonder why this skank is up in age and still not married? I don’t think so. No many wants used and used leftover dirty trash

  42. I heard from several girls that one night Fahrin Jaffer, Jessica Jandu, Preeti Grewal and Sameera Jaffer (now Sameera Prebtani) didn’t have money to pay a taxi driver after a night of clubbing… so how do they ‘pay’ the cabbie for the ride? They all had sex, did BJs, etc. for the stranger cab driver. Ewww. Gross.

  43. This Fahrin Jaffer slut has no shame whatsoever. When we dated, very time she passed gas, she giggled and said, “Baby, relax – it’s just a fart!”. Stupid b*tch. GTFO!

  44. Fahrin Jaffer is downright cruel to animals! She farts non-stop in front of her dogs subjecting them to a toxic and poisonous atmosphere. Sickening, I’d say!

  45. OMG Fahrin Jaffer’s profile on Shaadi reads something like: “Word is out there that I am a serial farter… it’s all exaggerated. I mean,  like, what sexy girl doesn’t let one or two out every now and then? * giggle * ”

    Is this bitch serious?! Did she call herself sexy while mentioning her sick disgusting farting habits in the same sentence??? Fahrin Jaffer is delusional.

  46. i felt i was being cheated on by my husband and talked to some friends about it and i was referred to Binary H. who helped me hack my husbands mobile phone giving me unrestricted access to the phone.i caught him cheating with a co worker from text messages i saw and also followed up on their conversation and on their next meeting i caught them on the act. All thanks to Binary H. if you are ever in need of a hacker you can contact him and tell him i referred you for swift response.


  47. OMG, check out Fahrin Jaffer’s profile photos on Instagram and Facebook… Fahrin Jaffer the dirty is posing with her big huge ugly ass sticking out like she’s about a rip one huge stinky fart! Haha

    Fahrin Jaffer changed her Facebook name to “Farheen J-A” or something like that. No wonder this fraud Fahrin Jaffer is scammong hordes of naive men on Tinder

  48. Haha! Poor desperate Fahrin Jaffer. She has spent the past three years in pathetically trying to skew SEO searches on the web… but people are not that stupid – we all know Fahrin Jaffer Toronto Lawyer is a big farting skank! All her friends are married with children enjoying life at the next level… yet Fahrin Jaffer is searching the web every night trying to push down negative links about her… nice try, ugly dolt. We have targeted the Fahrin Jaffer for life. Good luck! LOOOOOL That’s what you get for cheating and farting!

  49. Someone should report this innate fraud Fahrin Jaffer and Eric Barapp (aka Arkadii Barapp) to the LSUC. Nevermind that this seamless crook Fahrin Jaffer is chanelling blatant misrepresentation when she passes herself off as an “accomplished lawyer” (haha! so much for self-aggrandizement) but what’s even more hilarious is this slime ball ambulance chaser Eric Barapp (whose real name is Arkadii Barapp but is way too ashamed to use it) for publishing utter crap about Fahrin Jaffer’s academic and employment history. 

    PI firms are as it is under intense LSUC scrutiny; this further illustrates why PI lawyers are bottom-feeding losers of the legal profession!

  50. Yeah, agreed.


    That is downright misleading and quite shameful for any law firm to be doing. Then again, PI firms are not particularly known for their reputation or adherence to ethical guidelines. LOL


    Notice how Fahrin Jaffer does not list her dates of attendance at this SUNY Buffalo Law School? That itself is a giveaway.


    I came to learn about this person through posting about her on The Dirty. A little digging up on her background reveals pretty much everything about her is shady, dubious and evasive. Disgraceful to say the least.


  51. When I Google “Fahrin Jafer Lawyer” this is the first hit I get! LOL

    Back in 2001, Fahrin Jaffer, her slutty sister Sameera Prebtani (nee Sameera Jaffer), Jessica Jandu, Preeti Grewal and a few of us girls were on a road trip.

    Farin was seated in the back set with Jessica Jandu and Pretti Grewal. Jessica farted and Peeti laughed. Then Fahrin Jaffer turned around and gave Jessica a dirty look by saying: “Bitch, WTF was that?! You call that a fart?? That was a joke!” Then Fahrin Jaffer turned around to look at Pretti and said: “And girlfriend, you fart like a 6 year old girl! Your farts are kiddie farts!” “Lemme show you pansy girls how a REAL NASTY WOMAN FARTS!!!

    Then Fahrin Jaffer proceeded to get flatulent. It wasn’t as impactful as she had hoped. Then, at the second try, she managed to fart but it wasn’t quite monstrous yet. Then at the the third attempt, BOOM!!! Fahrin Jaffer let out the mother of all farts!!! Ewww. Gross. We all rolled the windows down and kept driving the SUV for 5 the still Fahrin Jafer’s odour from her toxic and poisonous fart wouldn’t go… all these while Fahrin Jaffer kept laughing and giggle.

    Then when we made a pit stop at a gas bar, turns out that Fahrin Jaffer had actually pooped instead of farting. Yuck. Our friend has shampoo the seats of her car but to no luck or avail. She eventually had to get rid of that car ‘cuz it kept reeking of Fahrin Jaffer’s smelly farts!

  52. Oh Fahrin Jaffer, you scamming cheater and serial farting skank we will always keep you front and centre on the interwebs… it’s been over 3 years and you have been fighting relentlessly to exhibit a positive image… but sadly to no avail. Every one knows you are a fraud, a cheater, a liar and shameless crook! Haha! B!tch, we’re on you!

  53. To the 12:30 AM poster:


    LOL, I noticed that as well. If Fahrin Jaffer and/or this garbage PI law firm is deliberately misleading the public about Ms. Jaffer’s purported accomplishment(s) through shameless embelishments that are outright falsehoods, then that is clearly a cause for concern and the law society should take notice.


    Furthermore, a quick cursory of Eric (Akadi?) Barapp reviews shows a repository of public perception that are unflattering about the joke Barapp law firm.


    I did search CanLii, West Law, Quick Law and other sources for Fahrin Jaffer’s so-called significant accomplishments – there are none. Shocker! LOL


    Funny because I just searched for Fahri Jaffer Lawyer on Google and on other search engines… all I get is a whole lotta websites that disparage her. Ms. Jaffer’s trail of deception is coming back to haunt her, I suppose.


    None of this is surprising actually. Hordes of these abject rejects like Fahrin  Jaffer who are denied entry to Canadian law schools end up at lower-tiered foreign law schools as a means of last resort. While Fahrin Jaffer is engaging in blatant fraud and deliberate misrepresentation, I can assure you many foreign law grads are despersate to exhibit a reputable professional image. Sad.

  54. yeah, but that doesn’t fahrin jaffer from engaging in fraud and misrepresentation. it appears that she is intentionally being deceptive and misleading. she should post the dates of her attendance at the law school which she didn’t do because she is hiding that she was a 1L at cooley. and if she is the accomplished lawyer that she purports to be the she should post up some reported cases where she was on the record. once again, she is not doing this because she has no case law mention! fahrin jaffer is an incompetent fraud and a crooked liar.

  55. Who freakin’ cares?! What baffles me is why would Fahrin Jaffee accept an offer of admission at the worst law school on the planet – Thomas Cooley – and then move to another dumpster school Buffalo Law? Both of these law school are 4th tier garbage schools! Fahin Jaffer fails at life. She has no good job; no good education; no loving family or a significant other; her entire life is just one big stinky toxic fart!

  56. No matter how hard this crook Fahrin Jaffer lawyer Facebook tries to suppress unflattering web links that point to the truth about her unsavoury character….. she is all over the internet exposed as a skank, liar and a fraud! Haha

  57. LOL! I was browsing through Fahrin Jaffer’s Instagram…. OMG, this fat hideous looking pig has no shame whatsoever…. nevermind that this fatty Fahrin Jaffee is wearing an ugly one-piece bikini to conceal her chubby jelly belly but those bulky thunder thighs… yuck. Her ass is flabby and super huge! I can’t believe this fugly bitch posted a photo of her huge fat ass filled with cellulite… just imagine one of her deadly and poisonious farts coming out of that jumbo ass of hers…. hahaha gross

  58. What a fucking patheic loser she is!

    I just took a gander at her Twitter and I see that she posts all these inane drivel about positivity in life. *rolling my eyes*

    Clearly this used and abused whore is living in soothing dellusion thinking her awful life will turn out for the better.

    Her behaviour reeks that of a loner in silent distress.

    She can pretend to be happy and content with her life but pretending is tantamount to only one thing – a facade.

    BTW, to the poster up there who commented about this skank picking Buffalo Law over Thomas Cooley, clearly you have no clue or you are a 0L aspring law student. Or maybe even a 1-3L at a crappy school. Newsflash: Both Buffalo SUNY Law and Cooley (now Western Michigan or whatever) are in the category of the worst of the worst schools. Both of these joke law schools have shitty LSAT score benchmarks. It doesn’t matter where one goes; grads from garbage schools end up in garbage careers. Case in point: this Fahrin Jaffer moron doing bottom feeding PI work. It’s not like Buffalo or Cooley grads will get judicial clerkships at the SCC or CA, or even get OCIs for Big Law. Get real.

  59. ^^^ Bang on. I agree 100%.


    What’s even more shocking is the  blatant lies on Fahrin Jaffer’s laughable embelished profile on that joke Barapp law firm.


    If this Eric Barapp aka. Akidi Barrapp clown authorizied Fahrin Jaffer to post lies (eg. she has been working there circa 2010), then this firm should be reported to the LSUC. Maybe Eric Barapp is fucking this fat ugly pig Fahrin Jaffer on the side? LOL


    Regardless what’s truly amusing is Fahrin Jaffer working real hard to skew internet search results for Fahrin Jaffer Lawyer and the like  for the past 4 years now but to no successful outcome. Her reputation as a slut and a failed lawyer has tarnished her career. Liars like Fahrin Jaffer always get exposed in this internet age!

  60. Wow! None of this should be surprising to anyone who has known this scammer Fahrin Jaffer Cooley Lawyer for a long time.

    When Fahrin Jaffer’s father passed away, she said she needed to borrow $3,000 to arrange for her dad’s funeral costs. Out of sympathy, I loaned her the money.

    After two years, I asked if she was able to pay me back. Fahrin Jaffer said to me, “Bitch, the only thing you are getting from me is a FART!”

    Turns out that Fahrin Jaffer has pulled this same scam on many gals and dudes. Fahrin Jaffer is a despicable person! Karma will get her.

  61. Haha! Fahrin Jaffer is a pathological liar and a serial cheater on Dating Complaints. We will always bump up this post with all the awesome comments about this fraud and slut Fahrin Jaffer no matter how hard this skank tries to bury this and all other links about her on the inter webs! Fahrin Jaffer is a crook who has been blasted on the internet and we will always continue to keep this up! LOOOOOL!

  62. Gosh, I just took a gander at the lawyer profiles on this joke personal injury law from Barapp Law. What a joke… all these losers who couldn’t hack the LSAT, went to garbage foreign law schools and are doing plaintiff side PI law… much like Fahrin Jaffer. sad and pathetic. LOL

  63. Re: To the person up there who posted about Fahrin Jaffer’s father’s funeral…


    Fahrin Jaffer and her sister Sameera Prebtani (nee Sameera Jaffer) NEVER went to their dad’s funeral because they were hiding a grudge against their estranged daddy who had sexually abused both Fahrin and Sameera from an early age.


    Fahrin Jaffer has told some of her girl friends that her late father took her and her’s virginity at an early age. Before Fahrin Jaffer started sleeping with random older married men in her mid-teens, she had sex with her father on MANY MANY occasions… which I guess got her into older men that she later fornicated with in her teens.

    Fahren Jaffer’s mother knew all this and would not do anything when her dad would fuck them when they were little girls. She (Fahrin’s mother) let the sexual abuse continue under their own roof.

    Crazy weird family this Jaffer family is…

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