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Ashely Marie Eberhardinger of Florida


Ashely Marie Eberhardinger of Florida lives 127 PALMWOOD DR, PALM COAST FL 32164 is a complete wake job if you ask me.  She will love you one minute, and the next minute completely flip out on you.  She has been married before, and destroyed that marriage.  Run if you see her.  She is a liar and a cheater.


60 thoughts on “Ashely Marie Eberhardinger of Florida

  1. Yes his “wife” yup. He forgives her. It’s all forgotten. And now they are married. Yes great! Good person! Happy “couple” she’s not just used as a sex slave. She’s a good person at heart!

    1. You apparently know the situation. Or think you do. I am a good person… who was constantly getting cheated on. And i finally had enough and left him. And now hes dating my ex best friend who he has talked shit about for years because i told him it would be the worst betrayal in the world. Thats what he does. He does shit to piss me off hoping i come crawling back. And im not this time. Iv never once cheated on him. Iv never once! Hes cheated on me, hit me, and i had enough and left. Fuck off with your assumptions. Because your “friend” isn’t the person he says he is!

  2. Ashley Marie Eberhardinger looks really rough.   This woman looks likes a persin that has done allot of meth.  I would run and not look back.

  3. Nor have i cheated on my husand? Why am i on here? I was a good wife who got cheated on mutable times and left my husband because of it.

  4. This is funny. I haven’t tried to date anyone since iv been seperated. Im still married to my husband. Legally at least. Whoever posted this has no clue what is going on in my life. I haven’t cheated on my husband. They dont even know how to spell the word wack* job. Which they are apparently. Does this poster know its illegal to post someones address online? I bet not because its apparent its my husbands illiterate mistress who posted this.

  5. By the way none of this is illegal. If it’s a lie then it is still not illegal. It called deformation and it would be dealt with in civil court. And by the way the judge would have no jurisdiction over this website and nothing would come of it. This would not be a federal issue, and each state operates on a different code book. The judge can not enforce removal of postings out of the state in which you have filed your complaint. And posting your information online is not a crime. Trust me.. the FBI came to speak to me about something unrelated and when I questioned him about my online postings he told me that’s a civil matter not a criminal matter.

  6. Yes it is illegal because my address is posted on it. Dumbass and it will be added to my civil case against my husband. He added me to this website along with another one called shes a homewrecker. Its all false. Hes the cheater. This will all be solved in court. But this needs to be removed because it has my address on it. That is very illegal. I found out about this post because i was god damn swatted and my friend sent me this link after. I have a four year old daughter with my god damn husband who had a swat members gun in her face because of this post.

  7. My husband was already arrested over posting this so please dont tell me its not illegal when clearly it is. Plus i know the law. My uncle is the head proscuter in the state.

  8. Its illegal?  What’s the statue? Is it state or federal? If your saying it’s civil how can you use the word illegal? It’s called intentional Tort and it’s a civil wrongdoing.


    If you want a lawyer i work for whiskey and weed. Let me know.

    1. Posting my aderess isnt a civil matter. Iv talked to a lawyer. My uncle is a god damn lawyer. Thank you. That is illegal. Iv had it taken care of. Posted it on the facebook page messaged the facebook page that it needs to be taken down.

  9. Yea well NYC thinks you have mental issues. And police isn’t your friend. But if you choose to go behind my back and talk to NYPD as I explained to you you better not do. Well thank you My “mute”. And let me tell you something else. If ny my h-50 heariing on 12/22 I don’t know all anoint you’d police reports on me you’ll have hell to pay.

    1. First off iv never been to nyc so idk how they think im crazy. Secondly i didnt go behind anyones back and contact NYPD i contacted flagler pd. I live in florida as your well awear of dumbass

    2. Look i have more then enough money to have this taken to court and taken down. I already have a court date scheduled with

    3. Hiding behind an annomonyonous name. At least iv made it clear who i am. Im ashley. And this is fake. And this shit needs to end!

    1. Just because i dont want to be with my husband. Doesnt make me a cheater. He cheated on me mutable times. Hit me. And was very verbally abusive. I left him because i had been in a suitation like that before that just escalated. I haven’t been with anyone the whole time we were together, married, or separated. And he can not say the same.

  10. And if you are who i think you are. Im never talking to you again. Not after all thats been said and done. I literally hate your guts.

  11. What part of i blocked you on every social media and your mistress too. And all her other facebooks. And her friends who are stalking ne. I want nothing to do with any of you. It takes more out of me to be with you then it does to be without you. And im done im fucking done!

  12. Stop acting crazy with me Natalie! Cause it’s too much..  i know you have mental issues. And I forgive you for that. I’m an understanding person. But I’m not gonna play this game no more with you on the Internet. We should make up.. and stop this internet shit… cause your causing everyone problmes. But especially me.. you don’t wanna make up with your husband? You don’t even know him yet… why can’t you stop acting crazy for a second. People are looking at you really strangely when your calling me the crazy one it’s making your situation bad.. you should stop that my baby ????

  13. What the hell are you talking about? You have serious issues! My name is ashley marie eberhardinger. I have no clue who you are. Or what your problem is with me. But who the fuck is natilie? Because i have no fucking clue?

  14. Okay dude i get it now i searched that name… you have serious mental issues. Calling people the n word and the s words because you dont like them. That is a hate crime. You need serious help. Im not Natalie. Im ashley eberhardinger. But if i was Natalie i would harrass you after all the horrid things you have said about her family and friends. You need to be put in jail.

  15. My name is ashley eberhardinger. My husbands name is shawn eberhardinger his brothers name is joe eberhardinger.  Im not Natalie. My mothers name is corey. You have issues.

  16. No your name is Natalie Becerra


    and if you keep playing these weird games with me. I’m going to keep posting your name and address all over the Internet.

  17. Why are you playing weird games Natalie? You keep screwing with my head..

    admit the truth! Your Natalie and your stalking me. Just like I’m stalking you. And we are meant for each other for ever and always!

  18. The only people who use this website are me and Natalie. Nobody else uses this website. And it’s not a hate crime it’s called freedom of speech. You have no idea about law as I can see. It would be different if I went to their house and vandalized the house. That would be a hate crime. I am free to hate black people just like. Black people are free to hate white people. I noticed in my short life that black people and Spanish people have a thing about hating whites and claiming the United States is the worst country in the world because they enslaved black people. When in fact the entire world enslaved blacks. And honestly with all the hate and discrimination blacks have toward me I have decided that blacks need to be enslaved again and actually I personally would keep a black slave. And I’m sick and tired of white privelaged people protecting. Black people. Black people hate all white people and black people just like the Jews are communists. Blacks want to have government assistance and welfare checks socialist society. Then you have Spanish people calling trump a racist. Do you see how illiterate this statement is? Trump is nog a socialist he is a capatist.  And Spanish people think it’s not a criminal act to burn American flags and that we are going to invite them to the United States so they can riot and conspire with blacks and then the entire world needs to speak politically correct and has to say that Spanish people are not criminals. Last time I heard burning an American flag was a criminal act. Really sick and tired of people telling me what a hate crime is, when they themselves don’t know. Just so you know racism is not what you think it is. To do an illegal act of racism or discrimination you would have to deny one a civil right. Like what your saying I can’t hold my own opinion that blacks should be enslaved it’s a hate crime right. No it’s my opinion. As long as I don’t violate their rights. And illegal Mexicans the key word being ILLEGAL means they don’t have rights. They are ILLEGAL

  19. It’s also funny that your saying I’m the bad guy who has committed a hate crime. No actually it’s Natalie who is committing the hate crime. Natalie is sexually harassing a guy to get back at some fucking loser little nigger thug that doesn’t have a job. And she’s comparing me to this little nigger.

  20. Damn what a waste of time. You can be so helpful. But you choose to be a problem not cool… you can be helping me with something right now but you choose to sit behind a computer like a creep posting weird things..

  21. i am not mexican nor am i black…  i agree with you that flags should not be being burnt. i come from a family of military officers. but what you are saying about black people is highly offensive to me. i have black family memebers i have black friends. i live in floirda dude i am not natalie. im not playing any mind game. i am this person that this post is about. my name is ashley marie eberrhardinger. i live in FLORIDA. i am not mexican. im french and native american. i do not know who you speak of. maybe you should call this girl since you have such a problem with her. or better yet get a restraining order on her. from what iv seen you post about her you should be able to get one. you need to calm your tits because exploding on the wrong person is not helping you. and everyone is a immagrint in america expect for the native americans remeber it was the white folk who came here and raped them and took there land and put them on reservations. i know that every native american knows that.

  22. Well Ashley maybe I should be your lawyer.. forget about your husband. It should be me and you taking onnthis website. Well that girl Natalie is a sick Person. I was begging her not to harass me online. It made me very sick. I am like extremely sick from all the mental trauma. Anyway.. why don’t you call me or something..?

  23. She’s giving me blue balls for like a month. It’s gotta be like the most painful thing any person can go through. What kinda of girl does that to a guy? Harassing a guy on the internet talking dirty to him for years and years and not giving him sex. Hahah. She’s gives me episodes of blue balls for months at a time. Don’t know what to do? Natalie is in the airforce. I’m preparing a negligence claim against the United States military for allowing this person to do this to me… I’m telling the General of the airforce that this isn’t his personal guantannimo bay and more or less telling him to fuck off… he’s paying this person t harass me with my tax dollars that’s a federal crime of conspiracy against civil rights having my internet access restricted. I can’t name 1 other person that’s dealing with hate Crimes by the federal government and their employees

  24. Yes people with mental issues can’t run around the streets harsssimg others. And I’m very surprised the military allows mental patients to enlist. That’s gonna change cause I’m gonna sue the airforce because of that persons actions. And what’s probably gonna happen is the military is going to have no choice but to hospitalize her. And guess what when you get hospitalized they contact your friends. And since I posted all her friends and family nobody is gonna help her out. To get out of a psychward you need a signature from a person who will be held responsible should she do something illegal or go on a rampage. Don’t think anyone is gonna help her… I don’t think Natalie Becerra has any clue what she’s getting herself involved with. In 2017 she’s going to end up being hospitalized for being a skitzo for the rest of her life.

  25. So yes obviously she’s Mexican. Notice that she’s doing something illegal and pretending it’s not illegal. That’s what Mexicans do. Criminals that defense is that it’s racist to say it’s illegal. Everything is racist.  Hahaha. It’s like Mexican contractors. Dude can’t even speak English can’t build shit but thinks he is doing it the best. No actually your doing it the worst I have ever seen. Or the new thing is saying Mexicans are native Americans. Hahaha no actually ask a Native American about that. Last I heard native Americans HATE Mexicans. Didn’t Mexicans bring the vanerial disease with them? Yes Mexicans are not native Americans totally wrong to say that. Although Mexicans are pretending they are native Americans and that the United States is their land. Don’t forget the story of the Alamo. Illiterate people who put themselves above everyone else but in reality are just illiterate welfare beggars. I didn’t know America was a country of welfare beggars. Last I checked it was of intellectual people who worked professional jobs and made money. Now it’s becoming welfare Mexicans who litter can’t speak the language and work odd labor trash jobs. Sad story what the Spanish people did here in America.

  26. O forgot to mention. I’m laying in bed and some thug is driving his nigger car with his music blasting. Spanish music. Tell this spic that Spanish music is garbage. It’s all the same Fucking key you Fucking illiterate it’s the same fucking note over and over and over again. And it’s the same timing. You go into a Spanish bar and you can literally sit there for 10 hrs listening to the same 3-4 notes alll night in the same basic elementary school timing of 4/4. It is such a shit show… people who play music can go into their clubs and come out puking with a headache. It’s like WOW what fucking clown people. It’s so funny to watch how trendy they are too.. notice Spanish people always conform to black people culture. Spanish people biggest followers on planet earth. India was colonized by the British but the Indian people still maintained their own music their own food their own culture their language their music. South America was colonized by Spain so what do the illiterates do? Lost their entire culture and copy cat Spain. Meanwhile people from Spain look down on all these illiterate Spanish sub groups. The Puerto Rican’s the Mexicans the Colombians they are all pitiful people. The whole catholic thing, Mexicans don’t even know what it means to be catholic, they just do it cause Spain colonized them. The Mexicans can’t even speak proper Spanish they speak a ghetto broken version of the spainish language. Clearly illiterate low level people. But for some strange reason they think they are better than others. Look at the girls they think they are beautiful and better than other women. No actually bubble ass is gross! Guys say that to make fat girls feel good about themselves. But now these Spanish women with these huge bubble ass think they are hot. No i don’t like it… I’m having sex with this Brazilian girl right now too.. she speaks Portuguese. She don’t look that good but what can I do? I need to live a healthy sex life. Really weird situation… dontbknow.. ?

  27. I don’t think these postings on Natalie should be taken down. And especially if I end up getting an STD cause she wants to commit hate crimes to get back at her nigger ex boyfriend. To get back at her ex she wants to humiliate me and troll the Internet and now I’ve lost my internet access to dating websites because this person is a hater. No the consequences of her actions and the impact that her compulsive lies have on others is major. I don’t think the postings on Natalie should be taken down. This person has mental problems and talks about sex as if she was 8 yrs old. Sending a person to hookers for sex and causing him blue balls. Real cool! Just a matter of fact that I get an STD and I’ve never in my life even had a girlfriend. No I think that the postings should not get taken down. And I’ll tell you straight up… that if I don’t get some kinda drug to knock me out in a ew hours I’ll post all her friends and her address all over the Internet.

  28. Actually quite weird this girl thinks she’s better than everyone else. Using her problems to cause problems in everyone else’s life. Cause she thinks it’s ok to lie on the computer. Still hasn’t realized she’s sexually harassing a guy on the internet for almost a decade. Do you know how long a decade is? O well. Don’t think person is ever gonna be forgiven for what she is doing. As a matter of fact if it doesn’t work out with me she needs to pack her things and leave the state. It’s not like every FBI field office in the entire country hasn’t been called and told all about what she’s doing. Yea I think since NYC stop taking my complaint every single state has a report on this person and the inspector generals office of the FBI have been sending me letters awknowldging what’s going on. This person has no idea who is reading and watching this. And no i really doubt anyone will help those postings get taken down. There are consequences adults have to face. If you violate someone they have the right to tell the world. That’s why I’m telling you there is nothing illegal about what I did. That’s why I have a letter from the FBI inspector generals office and a voice mail on my phone from the FBI. Both state that I didn’t do anything illegal. And my complaint will be handled.

  29. For 6 years you’ve been pretending to be fake people contacting me swearing to god that your name is not Natalie. Don’t you think there is something wrong with that? Major mental issues! Then why are you contacting me?

  30. Wow Natalie Becerra the mute

    continues to pretend to be fake people with fake pictures. Yes that’s a crime.


    Giving guys sex hang ups and thinks it’s cool.,, yes very cool!

  31. Dude my name is ashley! This is a picture of me. The olny reason i know about this posting is because i googled my name to see what kind of shit my husband was posting… im done with this conversation.

  32. If your a real person. I want you to go to port Richie. My friend is in rehab here. Go introduce yourself and break my friend out.. then I’ll believe you otherwise. I don’t believe anyone would post hair girlfriend on this site. I can’t believe that.   And what’s it mean explode on what? Calm what tit? Who’s tit? My tit is calm.. there’s nobody licking it so my tit using horny.. who Riggs this stuff ?

  33. Natalie likes when i tell her how I want her to give me head. And how I want to have sex with her. O and she likes when I tell her really nasty things and when I tell her to tell me nasty possessive things to “her man”. She likes when I text her and she doesn’t say anything. Just sometimes. And when I tell her I know it’s her she acts just like you butt she won’t  admit to me it’s her cause she’s scared to be naked with me. Except a ew others guys have been naked with her. Just a headache for me hahaa.. dontbknow what I did to deserve such a nasty treatment  disgusting. This girl isn’t even a virgin and this is how she’s actinhv

  34. Wow dude i leave this thread for a couple months and your crazy comes out. I will Not break your friend out of rehab. That is illegal. And i do not break the law. Second they dont let mentally ill people into the armed forces. Any of them. Third, if you are over the age of 18 no one needs to sign you out of a mental instution. They release you when they feel you are stablized. Nothing you are saying is true. Nothing you are saying maks sense. Just stop. Because i am not stupid. I am not Natalie. Honestly think you are the one with the mental problem.

  35. Black people and Mexicans shouldn’t use the word “dude”

    thats like such an insult.


    Just like a white person is ban from using the word negro or nigger in ordinary speech. The what gives a black person or Mexican or Spanish person to use the word dude. Isn’t that what you refer to as a cracker word. Huh…


    well anyway. Believe whatever the Fuck you want. But in the next 2 months definitely having this person Natalie either deported for being Mexican or she is definitely getting dishonary discharge. No fucking way is this stupid shit going on anymore.


    And as for you. Ashley. So if your not Natalie. Then let’s smoke weed and fuck. How much money do you want? I have money weed and beer and 2 hours to chill and fuck. So come on…

    1. I am not going to fuck and chill with someone who has mental issue’s. And natile canot be deported just because shes Mexican. Get your trump loving ass off of this shit. Trump is already being fought by the people who work for him.

  36. Well. This is how these things work. The military and the federal bureau of investigations will need to investigate these postings.  If it comes back that Natalie Becerra is stealing pictures from other women and pretending to be fake people to contact me. Well this is a very serious crime of harassment. And the FBI will have to conduct their own investigation into whether Natalie had told me she wanted me to commit a mass shooting. This is enough for federal charges to incite terrorism. See I’m not Fucking around no more. As for the mental institution. I am requesting a full psychiatric evaluation on this skitzophrenic and claiming the federal govt has failed to provide me due process. Yet another criminal act by the federal govt. my internet access to dating websites has been blocked therefore the federal govt is violating my civil rights when I am free to access the Internet. Washington DC FBI headquarters has stated that if what I’m saying is true there is a DOS denial of service attack on my IP address. Let me remind you it is a federal crime to lie to the FBI. Me and Natalie are not meeting! If the federal govt thinks we are and if you think my complaint will lead to that, your completely wrong because that would only go to prove ny complaint that the federal govt is in violation of conspiracy against civil rights when sexually harassing me online. Plan on Natalie being dishonary discharge from the military for harassment due to mental issues. Further Natalie should be charged with intentions to incite terrorism. We will see how that plans out. Remember this is being filed in federal court so there will be a federal judge assigned to the case and investigation so no more fucking around. As for the psych evaluation. The process of the psych evaluation usually involved contacting family members and friends. If Natalie can not provide contacts for the evaluating psychiatrist and psychologist there is no possible way she is being released as a matter of fact the demand of my complaint is $5000,000,000 from the military a dishonary discharge criminal charges and psychiatric hospitalization. We will see who is going to win!

  37. Yea well I don’t have a mental issue. I’ve just spent a week preparing a federal claim against a Mexican girl who has been stalking me for 6 going into 7 years. If you are Natalie you would be well advised to stop contacting me with fake names. I do not believe the military will look kindly on this.  All of these IP address postings will be traced and looked into. And if you are Natalie this will be very alarming to your commanding officer. You have no idea what’s going to happen to you. Just the fact that your moving place to place proves you have become a danger to yourself and my medical records are going to prove that you’ve. Become a danger to me. As for your friends, you’ve. Become a danger to them since you continue to contact me with fake names after you’ve been posted as a stalker and continue to make the same mistakes. Not working today. Extremely hung over from heroin binge from last night. Just another thing that’s going to sink your ship. But come Tuesday another week maybe 2 weeks and I will have my claim prepared. Any women who torments a guy with her vagina is not looked kindly upon. if your Natalie your asking for a lot of trouble. The military has a duty to the people. This duty to the people would include not causing mischief and harassing others through misrepresentation. It’s all in the suit. Your about to face the consequences of your actions. And unfortunately it will not be kind to you. There’s no possible way my taxes are going to pay your paycheck. And any other women that I have told about your actions is just disgusted with your drama. Just a warning… for you and me it’s too late. I spent way too much time writing this claim. I have a job and it’s not to play hide and go seek on the internet. And it surely isn’t playing lawyer. It’s too late I spent too much time writing this claim. And once this is in the hands of the Airforce legal council it will be much too late. And everyone can hear this loud and clear! I am not giving the Airforce legal council not even a week to respond. I’m filing this claim at the pro se desk and Natalie Becerra will be held responsible for her actions. And the military will be paying me for skates. It’s too late I’ve planned on buying that car and buying a girl with the money the Airforce is paying me. It’s much too late… besides. I feel I love with my Muslim Russian sweetheart.once again! So now 2017 is looking to be a very nice year. Looking into buying a $100,000 and retire from my job since the Airforce has ruined my career with this hide and go seek game. Remember my name motherfucker I’m taking the entire system down and guess what dip shit… you can’t stop it too many people will be involved before you can act

  38. I don’t have a mental issue. Well I have major mental trauma because of hate crimes from military personal harassing me on the Internet and the shit I went through in school. Yes I am suffering from major mental Trauma. Although I do not have mental issues like Natalie Becerra. Natalie is suffering mental illness and it was at the negligence of the federal government to enlist this person in the military train her and pay her a paycheck. Yes Mexicans who are in this country illegally need to be deported. As soon as possible. Just yesterday some Mexican sold me heroin that was stepped on. Do you know what kind of low life person sells another person heroin that’s been stepped on. Only Mexican low lives do that. Yes trump was shot down by the federal judge because he used the word Muslim and targeted Muslims which is unconstitutional. But those Muslims where coming here legally with visas. These Mexicans like Natalie’s mom walked across the border illegally. It is federal crime to harbor an illegal immigrant. It is also a federal crime to give a job to an illegal undocumented immigrant. The Mexicans gotta go. Isn’t it funny look at the living condition I live in and look at how much money the reseal government gives Natalie Becerra. It’s all in my claim. Isnt it hilarious.  It’s a shit show…

    yes the illegal undocumented immigrants need to go. They are taking everyone’s job and breaking every rule in the book. How do I know your Natalie Becerra. Because your talking shit about trump. Your picture dipicts a white girl from a state other than NY. in ny I call them white privelaged people that don’t know what they have. Unless your a nigger lover and fucking some monkey nigger dick and talk like a nigger what me and my friends call a wigger. Are you a wigger? So you support the Mexicans taking your job and your parents jobs and doing it in 1/3 of the price. You think that’s fair? Besides that there is heroin all over the streets and everyone and their mother is doing heroin all the jobs have been taken over by illegal undocumented immigrants that don’t pay taxes. Yes maybe trump took it too far when he used the word Muslim and refused refugees.  But again doesn’t the United Nations resolution require any country that goes to war with another to accept refugees. Yes I think trumps ban on Muslims was in violation of United Nations policies. But getting rid of these wetbacks is the best thing anyone could have thought of. How do I know your misrepresenting yourself? Because your a nigger lover! And what your saying is that trump is racist because he wants to stop slave labor bring jobs back to Americans and America. Another words your either a nigger that  wants to live off welfare like a Mexican. Or what? Your obviously Natalie Becerra. A nigger loving wetback.  Talking shit about the president cause your a nigger. Name 1 good thing obama did. Ohh yea I forgot he was black and your not racist. You don’t see color but obama was a great president only because of the fact that he was black. Ohh by the way obama didn’t do anything for the niggers he just let them riot. Did you see how the wetbacks where burning American flags in California in protest. Illegal undocumented immigrants burning American flags rioting in the steeets. Let’s all go to Mexico and riot and burn Mexican flags and see what happens to us. Yes we are the racists and you are the non racists. Obama was great only because of the fact that he was black right. And back to the obama being born in Indonesia. How about this go check your birth certificate and check yo see if your birth certificate has an official seal of the state. My birth certificate does surely have the state seal. Now google Obamas birth certificate and tell me does that birth certificate have the official seal of Hawaii. And now tell me genius is that birth certificate counterfeit. Wait and see what the law does to you Natalie. Learn to follow and obey the law. E and my family are not paying taxes to pay for mentally ill military employees harassing others on the internet

  39. I fucked her last summer  thankfully I used a rubber.. she has been calling me almost every week after.. please leav me alone I fucked guy because I was drunk that was it 

  40. Why talking so much shit? If she was riding my dick then she wouldn’t be hiding behind a computer lying as usual.


    Shes scared of everything.  Sex. Talking. Going outside. She has mental problems.  She doesn’t need sex she needs medication.

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