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Anyili Tatiana Gomez Rivera Bergenfield, New Jersey


I don’t know all the details of my husband’s relationship with this woman except that he left me for her. They had been having an affair, don’t know for how long. We were married for almost 20 years and together for 24. He has moved in with her and her two illegitimate children, as far as I know from 2 different men. I have found no marriage/divorce certificates so I assume she was never married. The first child was born when she was 17, so that alone tells you she’s a slut. How they met, I have two theories; either he hired her as a housekeeper for his sick mother (She is co-owner of J&T Cleaning Maids in Bergenfield, NJ) or they started up when he hired her as a crossing guard for the town of New Milford, NJ. He was her supervisor and was having sex with her. She knew about me and our children but still went for the relationship with no regard to what it would do to me and our children. She was looking for a cop so she could have benefits, security and a pension. Not to say my husband wasn’t guilty, he was a homewrecker as well. Since November this woman has been harassing me via phone, email, text and knocking on my door in the middle of the night as well as sitting in front of my house in a black car. She was fired from New Milford Police Dept. because I complained and the internal affairs division must have found her guilty of harassment. My husband has abandoned our children completely emotionally, because of her, she doesn’t want him to be with his children, and she is controlling all his money. My husband is so stupid and blind that he can not see her for what she is. There is so much more to this story I can not tell you, I’d be writing forever. Now my husband keeps delaying the divorce and reducing his offer to me because she wants all the money. He won’t pay for any of his children’s sports and rescinded his offer to help our oldest to buy a car. He treats her children better than his own. Its disgusting how much he has hurt his own children for trash. Right now it is my understanding that he is paying for her to go back to school. Once she is done with him , she will move on, watch out if your husband is a cop, she has been working as a crossing guard in New Jersey and New York trying to catch one. she finally did. The dumbest one of all.


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