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Wilson Thomas Panama City, Florida


He is a narcissist 100%. He lives off of his Mother but pretends to have money. He won’t pay for anything or carry your bags when you travel. He will never take you on dates. He will suggest cooking for you. He will forget your Birthday every year and tell you it’s just another day. He will ruin in every single holiday and anniversary you share. He will beat you and was arrested for domestic battery Jan., 16, 2017 for beating me up because I wouldn’t allow him to lock me out to sleep outside like a dog. Force you to have sex with him even when you don’t want to because he gave you the silent treatment for days but will never tell you why he was mad and so cruel. He will mock you when you cry. He has no empathy and says it is bc he treated cancer for years. He got fired from his radiation therapy job bc he went in fb and posted lies about the Doctor he worked for. He will cheat on you with the most disgusting women and deny it even when he is caught. He doesn’t care what the woman look like he will sleep with anyone. Including his friends wives and girlfriends and has been shot at for doing so. If you tell him anything personal about your past he will use it against you and try to publicly humiliate you. He will put your life in danger and then threaten to beat you if you cry or complain. He is a drunk. When you first meet him he will seem so sweet and as soon as you are confident and comfortable with him he flips the script and starts to abuse you. His rage is off the charts. He will lie about not being happy with you to his friends and make you think everything is peachy keen. He will go out of his way to keep you upset and off balance. He will make you insane because he is a raging lunatic and just unreasonable. You will never understand why he does the things that he does because it’s crazy!!! Two years and I finally got out. I pray that he doesn’t hurt anyone else. He didn’t have much of an impact on me because I am a strong person but a weak woman will be defeated and probably end up suicidal or end up killing him. It was that bad. He had me feeling emotions that I’ve never imagined I’d feel. He destroys you and when you finally leave him he will work effortlessly to try and ruin your reputation by telling everyone lies about you.


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