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William Gagan, Portland, Oregon


William Gagan from Portland, Oregon spreads STD’s to girls and guys. He also steals your money, whines like a small girl and will have sex with any girl who spreads her legs. He is the worst guy I have ever dated. I should have know with all the gross prison tattoos on his stomach, yuck! He will say anything he needs to so he comes across charming, and will make you feel sorry for him and tell you about how “bad” his life has been. Then he will ask for money to pay his bills because he is trying to do something right in his life. He says he’s a journalist and he’s not. He’s a liar and a cheater! People like this should be in jail. He spreads his STD’s around to anyone and everyone willing to sit on his beat up penis. Gross!


One thought on “William Gagan, Portland, Oregon

  1. Holy sh*t I know him from a long time ago! Will Gagan or Willyforeal is a horrible person and treats the girls he dates like total utter sh*t! He f*cks with them mentally and emotionally until he gets what he wants and hurts them. He will also have sex with anyone because he has no standards! He just blows through girls like they mean nothing. He has no respect for women but he can fake it so well! Looks like there’s still no hope for this guy!

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