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Waldemar Jankojc an Incriminating Weasel and Husband of Ewa Jankojc


Meet Waldemar Jankojc, aka Waldek Jankojc of Clffwood New Jersey; a disgraced husband of the cheating whore wife, Ewa Jankojc; who rather than manning up and accepting his wife’s affair with their daughter, Julia Jankojc,’s tennis coach, decided to conspire along side his wife behind the young man’s back by using illegal methods to manipulate the legal and justice system to harass, threaten, and incriminate the young coach out of revenge for a flick that HIS OWN DISLOYAL WIFE STARTED. Claiming to be the business owner of WE Limo, (W.E Limo, Westield Express Limo, 732-829-4429), he fakes images on his social media platforms and search engine listings to misleads potential customers by giving off a false impression of his so called “business” when he is nothing more than a single independent operating driver who feels the need to misrepresent his own business as well. (None of the pictures or reviews he uses to advertise are a true and fair portrayal of WE Limo as he pathetically even resorts to stock photos!!!). This is an example of a delusional, ignorant, and “little person” inside and out in society who will claim that “you have done so much for him and his family”; turn around; and snap selfishly by condemning you as the worst person in the world even when you come clean and confess to him that his wife decided to suck and ride another younger guy’s cock. Well that’s that; I guess I’m going to “press button now”.


4 thoughts on “Waldemar Jankojc an Incriminating Weasel and Husband of Ewa Jankojc

  1. This is absolutely depressing to even read. Why the hell would you even trust your wife after she does that you. True or not just pathetic.

    This is really a flat out horrible situation but it’s the most classic one at the same time. I think once the coach / parent relationship and the boundaries that should be there are crossed; these kinds of things forever leave a mark and wound in people’s hearts who were betrayed. I guess the person hurt the most would be the husband and child but the mother evidently felt something strong enough or was hurt for long enough to do this… I’m not saying she’s right I’m just saying that as a female I can understand what it feel like to be lonely but going for the young “lay” for guys OR girls is never the answer or long term solution. Maybe in some ways she kinda does deserve to live with the guilt; at 47, not to accuse, but it may not have been the first time.

  3. There’s an amount of self respect and trust I would blatantly never settle for no matter what. It’s easier to blame others than to blame those who have hurt you but that’s very typical and very ordinary patterns of thought so if factual; this guy got dragged down even further by someone who hurt him and probably doesn’t even realize that he’s being hurt even further.

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