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Ugly nasty disgusting whore/mother and narcissistic sociopathic pathological lying cheating piece of shit


Mike Camfield apparently met a nasty ugly big nosed wrinkled faced crackhead looking grandma  named Sommer Fischer  who he swears was nothing and only was around the desperate whore 5 times Mike also said she begged him to go to Benihana with her and she would pay for everything and he went cause he felt sorry and sad for the ugly bitch apparently she wanted him real bad but he told her he is and was always going to work things out with me and said he NEVER wanted her like that it was only friends and playdates for our daughter NOTHING MORE CAUSE HE WASNT INTERESTED but she kept pushing and trying to get with him cause she was ugly and desperate and a whore. He is NO BETTER and its all he can get is ugly desperate nasty whores he thought he was going to throw yet another ugly piece of shit whore at me but this time tables turned since he wanted and started a nasty ugly horrible fight until i had to leave and get locked out and he kept all my belongings like a loser down to my brand new mattress that he slept with his uglies on he is a narcissistic sociopathic pathological cheating liar he is a sick sick mental case and needs help.  Sommer Fischer is a disgusting slut and didn’t even know Mike and stayed the night at OURHOUSE cause she begged like the ugly dog she is and had a strange man around her son as she uses to get men and sleep with them the first night what kind of parents do that what a horrible mother and even more horrible father. 


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