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Tonya Murphy Drumm


It’s really hard to get the OW out of my thoughts. I know I can go from calm to ready-to-throw-up anxiety in a split-second if a come across a trigger. This can be a memory of something I read or saw post-affair, hearing a commercial for the bar  she works for, songs and the list goes on and on.

This woman slept with my husband she took every last ounce of me that was left after many heartaches. Tonya invaded my family life contacted myself, my children, and many family members. She thinks she lost but she won. She destroyed his relationship with his children, his family outside the home, and many personal friends. 

Shes a cold hearted cruel person with no morals. Tonya you won sex with a man who had or has little or no respect for you. He has no respect for himself either!

I know you were doing your job in the beginning but you didn’t have to sleep with a married man! In the aftermath of your affair my ex is buried in debt because in the 6 months to a year of your affair was all financed. He is on the peak of losing everything he has worked so hard for the last 10 years. You must be so proud! 

Thanks for showing me there is light at the end of the long dark scary tunnel. I deserve a stable drug free all in man that respects me and doesn’t frequent clubs like yours. I hate my marriage has came to an end and you broke up my family but life does goes on. 



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