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Thomas Meyer

Jim Matei-Hesails

He meets women on Facebook and cons them

he tells lies of he’s getting lots of money from a lawsuit and gets them to give money and live with them

he gets face pics of you with him and asks other women t do threesomes and pretends to be you

He is just a very sick individual 

he had warrants for arrest in Ohio owes 3000o plusbin child support 

he also has stories of injuries told me work injury and told another woman motor cycle wreck and has seizures

given I am provider and still fell for him but soon became suspicious when he had a pseudoseizure or in other words a fake seizure

He makes you feel bad for him and wants to move right in on you and your family

He also tried to manipulate and threaten harm in you or others if you break up

it’s so sad he needs help and possibly locked up



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