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Taylor Allenby and Abigail Drake


Talk about cheaters. These two love birds go with anyone and everyone. They enjoy slandering innocent men on sites just to justify men leaving them. Maybe that’s the reason no one wants to be with you .. just a thought. Psychopathic behaviour and having random sex with men on POF will lead to chaotic acts of desperation. These two scammers aka (Jessica Ross) go on POF .. find men.. have sex for money and use the money to support their drug addiction and trips out of town to find more men. Please.. I implore you , stay away from these two psychos. And the brother Ty Allenby is a coward piece of shit that cant handle things like a man. He uses women tactics to accomplish his goals.. true coward. Taylor Allenby is one of the worst human beings alive. She’ll call social services on anyone with children she doesn’t like. She has them on speed dial. She punishes children for the acts of others and laughs about it with Abigail. Stay away from these two.. before they post shit about you too!! And trust me … even if your nice to them.. offer them rides.. take them places.. do look after their kids… they’ll still fuck you.. because that’s their way. I pitty them more then I fear or dislike them. I hope they get help and change… sick women with easy vag is no way to live. And loose as a goose.


2 thoughts on “Taylor Allenby and Abigail Drake

  1. This post was made from my best friends abusive ex bf he’s mad because he got exposed on here for what he did to her and that he’s a liar a cheater ect way to go Brandon u really snoop to new lows since u beat her right

  2. Another posting by a skitzophrenic girl that can’t stop lying. What’s really sad is that this bipolar mental patient thinks she’s going to make friends in life. Haha… no actually sad to say but you carved out your own fate. Now reap what you sow..  first let’s see how long it takes me to quit my hobbies and stop focusing on my work and carrier and make sure I can play lawyer and send out the proper documentation to the proper agencies that I plan on suing for allowing a skitzophrenic to stalk and harass me while they pay her and protect her. Did you see what’s going on with Guantanamo Bay? Do you think the FBI like people of my descent. Let’s see what kind of allegations I am planning on holding against the federal government. Let’s see how all that works out for you! Yes and I can’t wait to sit and listen to you talk… I’m looking really forward to learning about a stupid mexican skitzophrenic that thinks she’s “beautiful”. As far as I can see your a fat short smelly wetback actually.. and a compulsive liar. Good luck 🍀👍🏿 with all that your want in life. It’s just not going to work out for you. I don’t think asking for forgiveness is anyway to make friends. Like I said in 2001 and again in 2007 and now again in 2017 it ain’t gonna happen…   Now let’s wait and see how the federal government deals with my claim and lawsuit.

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