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22 thoughts on “Tanya Durbin Champaign, Illinois

  1. Get the facts you morons.  This crazy bitch that is posting this crap has been separated for over a year and a half and her husband has filed for divorce.  Also the crazy soon to be ex wife has restraining orders filed and warrants out for her arrest because she is crazy.  So before you judge someone know the facts, morons.  Also can this person even spell.  WOW….


  2. seriously lady do you even know what a marriage consist of. Warrants out for her arrest? you obviously have no idea what you are even talking about. You are a disgrace to woman.  This woman was arrested for embezzlement for stealing from her own childrens school pto. now who does that. separated for a year and a half? you have been soooooo dubbed it is pathetic. This lady needs to stay home and take care of her kids and stop leaving her teenage daughter to do it for her while she is out whoreing it up with a married man. and yes considering I work in the hospital I know exactly why the whore was fired. serves her right. cant get a job with a felony charge asshole!

  3. restraining orders and warrants? are you serious? you obviously have no idea what you are even talking about. those things are NOT true. and the judge threw out the restraining orders because they were total lies and ridiculous and even the Judge could see that. Separated or not the guy was still married and sleeping with is wife and you got yourself involved knowing that. So therefore that makes you a home wrecking whore. You got fired from your job because you are an idiot. You cant get a good job with a felony record. Stealing from your children school. Seriously I bet they are proud of their mom for that. so before you want to run your mouth you need to get YOUR facts straight first. Men lie. Especially when they want a piece of ASS!

    1. Put your name out here Bobbi.    Let’s see.  You went to prison for embezzling from your own family members.  Your grandmother.   Also you didn’t raise your own kids.  Going to court March 1st for another violation of restraining orders.  You are an old nasty hag then just needs to die.    NOONE wants your stupid ass.  Also for my kids.  I have full custody and you know Nothing about my kids so fuck off you old nasty cunt.  You didn’t raise your daughter or even have custody.  So instead of focusing on my life.   Look in the mirror as that ugly reflection and wonder why your husband he moved out over a year and a half ago and has a restraining order filed for two years that you have violated twice cunt.   So have a great life and I hope you get admitted to the psych Ward and do everyone a favor cunt.     Also bobbi dunn if you contact my 16 year old daughter again with your fake accounts charges will be filed and you are messing with a Minor.   Quit pretending and if you have something to say then you have my number.  Quit being behind my back and posting on sites.    The people that matter know the truth and you are losing your audience bitch.

    2. Ohhhh. Hmm. The judge threw them out.   So in sangamon county illinois.  Case number 2017-cm-00013.  Is not for the misdemeanor for the violation.    Hmmm.   Dumb ass.

  4. no judge did not throw them out threw out another case. Tanya really don’t much care what you have to say about anything anymore. i did contact you via your phone. but you are to fucking ignorant to respond simply because you already know your own stupidity. Embezzling from my grandmother are you freakin kidding me. I don’t know where you got your information from but if you must know the truth then you need to kill your curiosity and look it up. it is all right there in black and white and it clearly is NOT because of any family member.  so whomever told you that simply is just as deleterious as you are.  Tanya i have explained myself several times to you NOT that i owed you any explanations at all. BUT my husband and I had a marriage it may not have been a conventional one but at least we had one.  We were still involved with one another until you came into the picture. Hence the complete brake up of my marriage was YOUR fault. of course not all your fault since my husband was involved as well. I begged you to back off and let us figure our marriage out and if it was meant for you two to be together then you would be after the divorce. i didn’t ask you to do anything that was extravagant i just simply asked you to wait until we were divorced to start sleeping with my husband. BUT you chose to be the home wrecker so therefore you will be labeled as such. I really am not a bitch. I do think rationally about life. Travis (my husband) chose this route to take instead of being the adult about the things and he will have to live with the consequences of that. AS you have chose this route so there fore you have had to suffer the consequences for that as well. As far as your daughter goes i don’t know her nor do i care to involve a child in any adult situation. As far as my daughter goes. Again you obviously had no idea what you are even talking about which is hilarious. What kind of a person are you? Tonya you embezzled from a school PTO how do you think that made your kids feel knowing their mother took from their own school. that’s sad.  i wrote a check out of my own account. was it the right thing to do hell no i was at fault and took full responsibility for it. but it definitely was NOT from anyone’s grandmother especially not my own

    now you have a good day Tanya Durbin. Find yourself another married man and life to fuck up!!!

  5. you stated in your previous comments that i know nothing about your kids but yet you seem to know everything about mine.  Are you serious right now. listen to yourself. look at what he has done to you. all i have to say is good luck. honey you are gonna need it.

    1. Tanya again i will comment just to clarify myself.  i previously stated that i do not know your children. please re read my comments, i guess i did just assume it was their school you stole from so for that i am wrong. again not that i need to apologize to you of all people.

      yes my husband has done so much to me in the past and the present and that is why i am just so over all the bullshit. Travis is not going to walk away from all this with no consequences. i mean come on why should he. i dont need luck. i have my life ahead of me. i dont anything that involves Travis Dunn any more. once a cheater always a cheater. why hate on me when i am the only one that has been brutally honest to you. In the end you will see the truth for what is truly is. the only one that is gonna need luck is you. he will eventually cheat on you when he gets bored. he has done it all his life. i dont think he knows how to be in a committed relationship. so again if there is anything else that you feel you need to say to me or about me feel free to give me a call. Good Luck i wish you no harm.


  7. this is the daughter of Bobbi Dunn. My mother did raise me.  I grew up with two parents in my life. My life and how i was raised has no bearing on the fact that my mom had a husband who did not know how to be faithful. And has no bearing on why you chose to be with him. I love BOTH of my parents. Why blame my mother for something that you did? I am 20 years old and am more mature then you. Please do not talk about things that you have no knowledge about. i have nothing further to say about this. Leave my family alone!

    1. baby girl done bother yourself with the ignorance and stupidity of a woman who has no morals and self respect. you know your mama is your parent and whom raised you.  you have to give no explanations to anyone especially someone who messed up your mamas marriage. Go live life. dont worry about stupid people.

  8. Who is this lady? Tanya Durbin. She sounds like a real winner. She wants to throw names out at the wife when she is the one who cheated with her husband? Of all the nerve! Butches are scandalous! Put the blame where the blame belongs. This tanya needs to look at herself in the mirror and see what a complete moronic bitch she is. Dont worry karma always catches up to someone. Especially skanks like her. She is NOT even attractive. Greasy face. Forehead a foot long. And crooked ass beaver teeth. And who taught her how to put makeup on, the clown act at the circus. Give me a brakes. Its bitches like her who gives the good girls a bad name. She is the one who needs to die. Sounds to be by reading the posts the wife and the daughter have more class then she does. Such words for a mother who steals from her kids school pto. The husband got himself a real winner with her.

  9. I like how everyone is on here saying Tanya is to blame,  but you guys don’t know what Travis was telling her. Men lie to get what they want, as far as Tanya goes, he was probably telling her they had been separated a long time. and if you look the wife up on, he has several OP’s against her which would confirm his story. Not saying Tanya is right by sleeping with a married man, but y’all need to put the blame where it belongs. It isn’t all on her. And taking to social media to post her picture and these comments is extremely childish especially since the husband and wife weren’t even together when Tanya started seeing him. they may still be legally married but he had already filed for divorce (it shows that on You people should do  your homework before commenting on someone’s lives. All three of you are to blame if you ask me, Tanya, Travis, and the wife.

    1. well as you have stated homework needs to be done before people make comments. wellll…. there is only one OP on there from the husband. same time the divorce papers where filed. AND the other OP’s that show are from the baby mama of Travis for which were thrown out by the judge. ALSO there was NO divorce filed until Tanya came into the picture. THEN when Tanya came into the picture is when Travis stopped seeing his wife.  he may  not have been living at home since he was kicked out for cheating but they still had a relationship and the wife thought they were working on the marriage. From my understanding the wife has shown canceled check receipts etc showing that Travis was still taking part in the marriage. Tanya chose NOT to believe the truth. If Travis was telling Tanya things then Tanya should have took it upon herself to talk with the wife and get her side of the story before passing judgement on her.  That is her own fault. So there fore if the homework was done correctly and you look up on the sangamon county website you will clearly see the OP and NOT SEVERAL and just one. And that is in the process of being vacated and agreed upon thru attorneys go to court 3/20. And AGAIN the divorce was NOT filed until it was pushed by Tanya Durbin to Travis. Tanya started seeing Travis way before the divorce was filed BUT the wife had just found out about it when she dropped by to bring the husband his hunting dogs for the day and much to her surprise there was Miss Durbin. So again people have NO IDEA wth they are even talking about. Shit is ridiculous. How in the hell is Tanya gonna run her mouth about the wife when she herself has done much worse in her life then what she claims the wife has. Put your money where your mouth it. Now the mature respectful woman would have said to ANY man if they are still married that they needed to get their divorce in order and look her up after it is completed and NOT got herself involved. so she deserves what she get.


  10. In previous comments it was even said that men lie to get what theu want. Right there tells it all. Jokes on tanya for sure. The wife is the victim. She loved her husband and the husband was lying to both woman. DUHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  11. This is comical. This tanya sounds like a real dumbass. If she couldnt see what was happening right in front of her then she truly is a blonde

  12. Maybe this tanya needs to listen to whoever the person is TRYING to stick up for her. I couldnt of said it better myself “men lie to get what they want” this man is lying to both woman. And how is the wife at fault? She didnt cheat nor did she sleep with a married man. Put the blame where it belongs. I hope this tanya got smart and dismissed herself from the situation. If he cheated on the wife he will cheat on her.

  13. As a 28 year old mother, I am disgusted at these comments. I am disgusted that for one, anyone would take the time out of their life to exploit someone like this on the internet. If any of the 3 are in the wrong, karma will be the worst enemy. As for the people commenting these horrible remarks, karma will follow you as well. You do not cause someone to lose their job or talk about one anothers children under any circumstances. I can only hope for everyones sake you do not make someone mad enough to exploit your lives and job as we all have made some sort of mistake in life. Also I noticed someone mentioning being an administrator in health care. I really hope not with that talk and spelling and grammar. Wherever you work does not have high standards mam. I am victim to cheating. I was living with him and had no clue. Do you know how I handled it? I spoke to the girl and explained what was going on and she gave me her side. She only knew what he was telling her. That is what happens. You find someone, they tell you what you want to hear. And being a woman head over heels, you believe them. I did not take to social media nor spend one second of my time researching her. If I can do this at 25, I do not see why a 40 something year old woman could not. If your husband is cheating, you do not live with him, and he does not care, leave it alone and focus on your children, grandchildren, and your life. That is it. Chances are you will be having the last laugh when he does it to the next one.

  14. Very well said!  The wife will have the last laugh.  And if the mistress loses her job then that is her own fault because she can only lose her job by her own actions she can’t lose her job on hearsay

    And again all men lie to get what they want maybe this mistress needs to talk with the wife and find out exactly what truthfully is going on

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