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Steven Long Colorado City, Colorado


This man cheats on his wife all the time. He and my friend had an on going affair for over a year. They would publicly make fun of his wife and claim he hated his family. He would come to see her and stay with her at least once to twice a month. He was with my so called friend when his wifes father died. That is horrible to do that to another person. They both did horrible things to her to hurt her. He now tries to claim he never did that but everyone knows he did including his family. He even took her to meet his family. They did everything they could to hurt this poor woman. He has done this multiple times to her. Stay away from him all he does is lie and cheat and will continue to. He told my friend he loved her and they would be together. They even had plans to live together. She is just as bad as him and they both continue to contact each other. He continues to cheat on his wife with who ever he can. Stay away.


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