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Stephanie May Dyess, Texas


This dope ho is trying to weasel back into my fiance’s life. They were married in the past but she left Jamie for her long time drug boyfriend. Greenly is her daughter that she swears is Jamie’s but so could 20 other guys. When Jamie & Stephanie got divorced Jamie was gonna get her but Stephanie told the court she wasn’t Jamie’s. Now she’s on fb & telling everyone Jamie gave up his rights to greenly. She stays strung out on meth. Has countless warrants & harasses me to the point I finally go off on her. She beds down several guys a day for her rabbit & has 5 kids but lost 4 of them due to her drug use. If your around the dyess area you probably already know this but stay away from her crazy ass. This female is nothing short of trouble & until she can prove greenly belongs to Jamie she can kiss my ass! She is a straight up wanna be home wrecking ho.


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