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6 thoughts on “Skitzophrenic Natalie Becerra likes to pretend to be fake people 30 3rd avenue Brooklyn NY

  1. Wow is so hard to kill yourself. I failed at it 2x. Wow… attention seekers who’s got nothing in life. Always the one to get left behind

  2. So sad. I feel so sorry for this girl. I wish she just kill herself! Has no friends in life. Actually I believe the average people dispise this filth bag witch. I wish she kill herself! I really fucking do…  what do you have to live for.. you don’t have any friends and won’t make any in your pathetic lifetime. Your better off dead!

  3. This skitzophrenic is better off killing herself. I am not obligated to befriend anyone. The United States has deprived me the enjoyment in life. How often do I smile? This wetback is the reason for my declining health. I have absolutely NO FUCKING SYMPATHY for this short fat smelly Mexican. She’s better off killing herself, I don’t believe in god and I don’t respect this person one fucking bit! Low life witch will never ever be considered a friend to me. Fucked like the whore her mom was.. cheating isn’t even the fucking word. I mean orgies with dirty fucking hookers. Put your money where your fucking mouth is and gamble the rent! This witch is gonna end up a hooker like her little sisters and her spic mom, a bastard child that should commit suicide. The world would be much happier if this wetback just killed herself! Who the fuck does what she’s doing? Should have killed herself a long time ago.. attention seeker fake looking for attention.  It isn’t so hard to kill you self.. all you need is one try, one bullet… for example look at this pathetic persons wrists. I bet she did it all wrong.. put your fucking Wrist under warm water bit your tounge and cut up along your vein. And watch yourself bleed to death. Just do it! Kill yourself! It’s where you belong, rotting in hell leaving people the fuck alone.

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