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Scott Compston 49 is a Cheater & Player


Scott, Scottie or Jeffrey Scott Compston (his legal name) has been having ongoing random hookups, sexting, oral sex, etc. with women while dating/living with someone else all the while pretending to be single. Also has transmitted STDs


4 thoughts on “Scott Compston 49 is a Cheater & Player

  1. I know who wrote these lies! Why don’t you grow up and get over being dumped! Not because of some other woman but because you’re a psycho!!

  2. I don’t know where you have to your STD. but it sure as hell not from me.  I’ve never had one! You’re in need of some serious help. This is slander! I’m contacting state’s attorneys office to file charges. You can try to hide behind anonymity but they will track you down and I WILL PRESS CHARGES!! Let’s see how much you run your lies in court!

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