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Scarlett Lewis, Connecticut


Scarlett Lewis who is from the state of Connecticut in the United States is to be seen as a racist and a skin color bigot whose racism and prejudice has been targeted towards males who are Black or African-American in particular. This has been reflected in the fact where she has demonstrated racist spitefulness and serious racist prejudice towards those who are African-American men or Black men especially when it comes to forming a serious intimate relationship with these men. The reason why she has been dismissive of this has to be because she has seen these men’s skin color as beneath hers and therefore a mark of disqualification that disqualifies them from having any chance of a serious intimate relationship with her. Her actions are simply sick-minded, evil, and wicked skin color discrimination and color prejudice as a whole and for this Scarlett Lewis from the state of Connecticut in the United States must be severely condemned and seriously denounced for being the evil skin color bigot that she indeed is.


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