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Scammers and Small Minds

Seth Neblock

I had recently become aware that something had been posted about me on this site.
It was a surprise that I had been contacted by a Internet Removal Company wanting over $1150.00 to remove the posting that some anonymous had decided to post.

Now if the posting was true, I would be concerned, but the fact that anyone can anonymously post anything on these sites and for companies that specialize in removing these types of postings and asking for money, is quite disturbing.

So, in my retaliation, I have decided to post here so if anyone chooses to look me up that they can read this and get the picture of the small minded and unhappy people that are out there that will go so low as to hide behind the internet to in some way satisfy their own inner fears and give way to the predator internet lawyers to advise you that you have been smeared and they want to take your money.


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