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Rudelyn Velasco Saint Bernard, Phillipines


Met this girl online. Supposedly she was in an Internet café.

She first comes off as super religious. Living with her grandmother in Southern Leyte. Then she will show you sexy pictures, including with her ex-boyfriend. She will chat with you until you are convinced you are the only man in her life. She will have video sex with you. Then the sob stories start … she separated from her parents years ago because of extreme poverty, etc.

She claims to be 22 on her dating profile but is actually 19. I’m not sure why, but she does that.

She never actually asks for money.

Once you’re emotionally invested in the relationship, she starts up with a sad, dramatic role to induce you to a state of empathy and lower your resistance to sending money. I sent her US$500 a month until I decided I was going to go meet her in person, which is when things got wierd. She kept finding excuses for why a particular time period would not work.

I thought she would meet me in person given the personal nature of her messages and the time she invested. If nothing else, that would have enabled her to go back to the money-sucking routine once the I was back at work. But it didn’t take an in-person meeting to find out what was going on.

Avoid this parasite. Doubt if she will see age 30.


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