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Robert L Baldes Sacramento, California


Another dirtbag with no morales, no integrity and the funny thing is he’s a business owner. The female is my soon to be ex wife Rhonda and her boyfriends name is Robert L Baldes he’s a boat mechanic he was part owner along with his siblings of COMPLETE MARINE SERVICE LLC in the Auburn area (not sure if still open) and owner of GOATS BOAT WERKS (stupid name). She left me in Oct and within about 2 weeks she has moved in with him at his mommys house in Citrus Heights she has told me that she is renting a house but he is not moving in either way I bet his brothers business ( EXECUTIVE PROPERTIES ) has something to do with that. I don’t understand these dirtbags if a lady is married and lives with her husband and kid leave her alone !! Eventually it will go bad just like it did with Richard T Hart except this time I dont think I can take her back. So if you are ever in northern Cal from Sacramento to Baxter keep your ladies close and remeber the name to avoid BALDES


One thought on “Robert L Baldes Sacramento, California

  1. The majority of info in this complaint is incorrect, and appears to have been gathered 3rd or 4th hand, as there is SOME truth in it, but not much. I won’t bother with correcting the false statements, but just know you can’t always believe everything you read on the Internet….

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