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Rachel Patrick McMorris Homewrecker


Rachel Patrick McMorris is a Homewrecker.

All the signs were completely apparent that she was sleeping with a married man. He told her he was divorced but had to live with his wife and kids. He also had a curfew, couldn’t do sleepover, or overnight trips etc. 

The day the affair was exposed the Homewrecker came to my house, and who knows how she knew where we lived, but she sat with the wife for an hour showing her emails, texts etc. She then went on to explain how hurt she was and that she would NEVER do anything to ruin a family. She promised she would back out of the situation and told the wife to handle the situation. All along she was preaching Godly things to the wife. As soon as she left the wife’s house aka her cheating boyfriends house, she went and picked him up and moved him in her house. 

The wife was then in contact with her other EX-Husbands and apparently her one husband left her because she was cheating on him with his best friend! 

She just remarried in 2016. She is from Billing Montana but spent some time in Arizona. 

Beware men, she is a cheater. She is a lair and she will do everything possible to break up your family. She did not win in this particular situation but she sure tried! 

Take a good look a the photos! Spread the word. 


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