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Patrick montano of San Diego lies cheats and beats up girls


Patrick jason montano of paradise hills san diego is an abusive person says he cant contol his hands and that bitches that talk shit get hit funny how he wont beat up anything unless he can win so somebody smaller weaker and of course doesnt put hands on people cause they are not violent. Puts down women about everything so he can control or bully them . Lies cheats manipulates will mess your property up if you catch him in a lie literally ruined mmy car . Has no stand up qualities is not a man of his word was datink jessica appenzeller and cheating on her the whole time while talking shit and promising the other girl he wasnt seeing nobody . Fuckboy slut that has no invested care for anywoman . Also deepthroated a soda bottle infront of his homebay said it was a joke . Yeah right . Obviously gay but beats on women to hide it .


One thought on “Patrick montano of San Diego lies cheats and beats up girls

  1. I saw that guy punch a girl on my street she was tiny under 100 pounds and she didn’t tell the cops on him I watched him run away real quick she should have had him arrested he will continue to do abusive things to women if he dont get help . I called the police on him too they said several people called I dont like to see that on my street shame on him.very bad guy

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