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Nicola Thorpe of Selby Yorkshire


Has cheated on her husband with dozens of random trolls she’s met online. Nicola creates fake male accounts to supposedly stalk her. Yes she is that pathetic. She’s dumped her children on random men she’s met on Facebook. Nicola has lots of STI’s from having unprotected sex with randoms.

Nicola has no time for her children she’s too busy chasing men  online. She looks nothing like her airbrushed pics in person shes overweight and unfit. Bad skin disease from drugs and rubbish diet. She lives on takeaways too lazy to ever cook or do anything apart from pick up men. Stay clear of this cheap whore unless you wear two rubbers.


One thought on “Nicola Thorpe of Selby Yorkshire

  1. This whore Nicola Thorpe is rank. Cheats on her hubby constantly coz he’s not good looking. She uses him as a meal ticket he’s a sucker

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