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7 thoughts on “Natalie Perez Becerra 30 3rd AVE APT 6R Brooklyn, NY 11217

  1. She gets lonely around the holidays.


    Skitzophrenic needs to get beat up. Don’t worry your gonna learn a lesson in life now princess. Al this will eventually catch up with you..

    30 3rd AVE APT 6RBrooklyn, NY 11217-2386


  2. Yo really funny shit. This low life person calls me on the phone the day after the batman shooting. And tells me she wants me it would be funny if I raped her. Then she tells me that I could remind her of the batman shooter.


    If this person is not hospitalized

    at a loss for words. Very disgusting pitiful person. Major mental illness. I just can’t understand how the military is enlisting skitzo endangering society. I’m a fucking millionaire dawg! I made it.. and you know what… come 2018 I’m hooking up with nothing but Russian bitches. Karma is a motherfucking bitch Natalie Becerra!

  3. This will never be forgotten or forgiven.


    Being born in the United States of America ruined my life! I won’t ever forget this! Now reap what you sow spic!

  4. Check my phone records.


    The United States Airforce is materially funding a terrorist or one who is inciting  terror  in violation of
    18 U.S. Code § 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists

  5. Creep that hides behind a computer and harasses others. She just be a virgin… hahaha.. just like military spreading the story… if I commit a mass shooting there will be 27 virgins waiting for me in paradise.

  6. Who the fuck is gonna stand this losers drama. What’s apiece of shit drama tramp.  Good luck making friends in life…  what a disgusting person!

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