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4 thoughts on “Natalie P Becerra

  1. Why don’t this two timing skank get the Fuck out of NYC. Still hasn’t realized NOBODY LIKES YOU! YOUR PATHETIC ATTENTION SEEKER! I guess this person needs to learn a lesson in life…  she was asking for it!

  2. The United States Airforce has 45 days in which to comply and stop all federal funding of  American tax dollars to fund and support this skitzophrenic Natalie Becerra. If the Airforce does not comply in a 45 day period and funding has not been halted and Natalie Becerra from 30 3rd avenue apt 6R Brooklyn NY has not been deemed an Emptional Disturbed person this office will be taking legal action in federal court against the Airforce. After military trained personal have been main suspects in ruthless killing of innocent unarmed untrained civilians the military continue to enlist and material support skitozphrenics and those suffering from mental illness. The military has 45 days in which to comply or my office will be filing legal action in federal court.

  3. The creep is back! Ohoh… better stay away from the computer. And sit and wait for the skitzophrenic creep! Beware creeps up to her old games again… stalking people on the internet…

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