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4 thoughts on “Natalie Becerra skitzophrenic 30 3rd avenue apt 6R Brooklyn NY

  1. If this person is not forced into a psych ward watch and see how many people are getting sued


    30 3rd avenue Brooklyn Ny

  2. I will be notifing everyone in this building along with the notice of claim against the United States Airforce and United States department of justice. Yes this skeeze bag is going to be put in a psychward otherwise the department of justice United States Airforce NYPD and city of New York will be sued. Wait and see.. watch what 2017 brings. This is a hate crime against me and now it’s time to pay the price.

  3. Report Natalie Becerra as EDP emotionally disturbed person. contact (718) 636-6411 for the local police precinct. Natalie lives at 30 3rd avenue 6R Brooklyn NY

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