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Natalie Becerra 864 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn NY


United States Airforce is material funding a terrorist. Natalie had contacted me telling me that she wants me to commit a mass shooting. There is now a pattern of Natalie Becerra contacting me after mass shootings and laughing that it would be funny if I became a shooter due to the hate crimes she’s is inflicting on me. All beware and keep your eyes open this lawsuit it being filed in federal court in the next two weeks. Let’s see how the United States Airforce deals with this person. My lawyers are requesting $500,000,000 for emotional distress and negligence from the United States Airforce as well as $500,000,000 from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations. We are also putting in motion that Natalie is charged to the fullest extent of the law including a dishonary discharge from the United States Airforce as well as having Natalie subjected to psychiatric evaluation and ultimately psychiatric hospitalization as she so overwhelmingly deserves. I do not understand how this person has not yet been detained by the NYPD. This is clear as daylight that Justice Department is not providing me Due Process and may possibly working in conspiracy against my civil rights in not processing Natalie Becerra with criminal charges of terrorism cyber harassment and stalking. Bet your ass this is being filed in federal court the same exact day that we file a claim against the entire city of NY. 


3 thoughts on “Natalie Becerra 864 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn NY

  1. Quite funny. I know1 other person who was charged with a terrorism charge. Similarly he was South American. Would be intresting to see if the military charges this person with terrorism knowing how many armed forces are actually murders or criminals. Just the fact that this person is suffering from mental illness and is receiving federal funding from the military who train soldiers is quite entertaining. I thought the military teaches disciple. Looks like our tax dollars are going to babysit the mentally ill.

  2. Disgustingly bad person. I really can’t wait to get this fucking complaint done and over. Disgusting ending to a disgusting story… Pitiful shameful prude. Just disgusting story… harassing others on dating websites. wow sooo coool!

  3. This person likes to lie about who she is and tease guys with her pussy. Look but you can touch. Great person right here! Has a lot of friends in life.  Everyone respects her

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