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😆 Hello..Good Evening.   I can not believe I stumbled across this post.   I will admit I met Darren Ambler on line and I am quite a bit older than he.  Right of way he took an interest in me.  He told me his cut off age for a mate was 62.  I was really 64 but I lied to him.   I cut off 2 years.   Darren was immediately fascinated that I even took any interest in him.

I could tell he was insecure and incredibly lonely even before we met.  He was made to get into my pants.  He was 38 or 39 I think.   I had the feeling he was used to one night stands and this relationship at least for him was physical.   We has sex the first time we saw one another.  Luckily because of my age I did not need birth control.  Darren was a real Pig in bed.  He did have some very sick tendencies as far as sex goes.  I guess it could be said he has some psychological issues.

I knew he would never get serious with me because of the age difference and because there was no emotional attachment.  I agree maybe Darren has a sex addiction but he never mistreated me.  I felt more like a Mother figure to him.  When we had intercourse  I felt like I was screwing my son. 

Darren took me away to Pennsylvania for two (2) days in June 2016.  Of course all he wanted to do was have sex and oral sex over and over again!  Like a depraved animal.  The knew the relationship  would materialize but I was a willing participant.  Yes Darren probably used me but I used him also.  He did bring me to climax but only through oral sex.  Yes- He is not very skilled in the bedroom.  I know he lied about me and our union to others.  I guess for some reason I am not as bitter as some of his previous lovers.   I did not think Darren was a jerk but yes he was selfish and he was seeking sexual gratification only.  I hope he found what he was seeking. 



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