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Melinda Mateo Rancho Cordova, California


Melinda Mateo Rancho Cordova, California is co owner of Kia Fit Placerville she is a gym coach but the way she really got into shape is by using cocaine in her daily life. She loves to be double teamed She goes to Orgies that her dealer throws and was double teamed by two guys at the same time becoming a Human Chinese Finger Trap. She will spread her legs for anyone her dealer hangs out around the Folsom Saloon. She has spread her legs for every man in the area and will continue to do so. Do you really want to waste your money at a place where the coach really just used Cocaine to get “in Shape” and can’t keep her legs closed to save her life does that sound like someone that you should take health advice from? She is Mentally and emotionally unfit and will spend your cash on as much cocaine as she can get her hands on if your looking for a legitimate health coach look elsewhere this coke whore is a danger to society and herself. She is Disgusting and I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole or pay to take health advice from this disgusting coke whore.


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