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Meagan Smith-Stoneburner Pekin, Illinois


Meagan Smith-Stoneburner aka dirty bitch, coke whore, tuna factory, POS mom and wife, and many, many other names. She cheated on her husband with a co worker (an engaged co worker). She is such a low class whore that she fucked him outside in a parking lot across from her work. I have been enlightened by the images that were captured that night from the coworkers fiancé who had someone watch his movements. She did this many time on many occasions while she abandoned her toddler, and left him for several hours. She continued to fuck this coworker at his mothers house when the whole family was home (from what I understand). What a classy gal! She is a substance abuser, and even has a deviated septum from cocaine use. She had 3 children and doesn’t have contact with 2 of them and currently is sharing custody with her soon to be ex husband of the baby. However the swamp cunt is going to lose him too, considering she can’t even pass her DCFS drug screen. She is a needy self absorbed whore who chases men for attention, and doesn’t give a thought of those around her. She didn’t care about her husband or son when she lied about working to fuck her coworker. The husband had the child from sun up to sun down, all while trying to work and manage a home. Just to get down to the important facts…. she’s gross…a dirty bitch that doesn’t even have good hygiene. She doesn’t bathe regularly and d/t her issues with recurrent STDs she has several female issues. She is a CNA and doesn’t bathe after working all day. It’s amazing to me anyone was able to fuck her after work. So ladies and gents, don’t waste anytime on this one, unless you want someone who can’t fuck, has saggy tits, a flat pancake ass, a stinky ass pussy, and breath that smells like ass. However, if that’s what you enjoy, go for it, she’s single and has no self esteem so it shouldn’t be hard to get a quick fuck in.


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