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May Claire Luyun


Ms. May Claire Luyun is a romance scammer. Ms. Luyun dated me for over a year and then started in her demands for cash, $500.00 per month for her daughters daycare, $300.00 per month as an allowance, $200.00 for each time we had sex and then wanted $10,000.00 for breast implants. Even, before her latest demands for cash, she wanted $1,700.00 for an airline ticket to the Philippines, $200.00 per month for personal expenses and $2,000.00 per month for sick relatives. Her sister, Gayle Zannett Luyun also works over the victims of this dating / romance scam. Ms. Luyun is a predator and a thief according to police, but her victims are in so many jurisdictions. Ms. Luyun has scammed men in London, U.K., Boston, Mass, USA and Miami, Florida. Ms. Luyun has scammed men in Brampton, Ontario, in Toronto, Ontario and Markham, Ontario. CBC News in Canada has reported on her and even Africa Television Network in Nigeria has reported about her and her sister scamming men around the world. May Claire Asis Luyun uses many aliases including Erialc Yam, May Claire Madrid, May Luyun and is using a gmail account [email protected] to scam her victims. Ms. Luyun is a professional fraudster, reported to the RCMP in Canada, Toronto Police and York Regional Police. Canada Border Services / Canada Immigration have extensive files about Ms. Luyun and her attempts to engage in Marriage Fraud, just so she can remain in Canada. US Border Protection and ICE have files on Ms. May Luyun.  


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