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Marni Sawicki Cape Coral, Florida


Marni Sawicki is the Mayor of Cape Coral. During her campaign, she began dating a wealthy married business man who funded her campaign. She continued her relationship with him for 2 ½ years after she won the election. During this time, he bought her an Audi convertible, a condo for her to live in, numerous pieces of expensive jewelry including a $12,500 ring. He bought jet skiis for her children, computers, furniture, and took her on several trips. Early in her term, she also began dating an influential member of the Cape Coral Fire Department union. While not married, he was in a relationship at the time she started to pursue him. In late 2015, she also began dating the Mayor of another local city who was a married, wealthy, businessman. This man’s wife had cancer. This relationship secured her seat on several influential political committees and organizations. They frequently traveled together on ‘city business’ and rendezvous. In May 2016, the fire fighter discovered that she was also maintaining relationships with the two other married men. He broke up with her and threatened to expose her. She then filed a restraining order against him to keep him quite. Because she did not want it to go to court and for his defense to become public, she dropped the restraining order with the agreement that he would remain silent. Six weeks later, she ended up eloping with the fire fighter and got married. Within two months, her new husband found out that she was still secretly seeing the married Mayor of the other city and he filed for divorce. This is a woman who loves powerful men who can give her something she wants; she has no morals about pursuing married men and breaking up families as long as she gets the power and luxury she craves. She has destroyed so many lives and adamantly insists that she has been an effective leader of Cape Coral. All of this can be verified through various news and media articles.


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