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Maria Gabriella Manunza Amsterdam


this useless italian whore living in amsterdam is a cock & pussy eating cheater who is the worst & most useless type of woman & friend. many people already mentioned what a piece of caca she is but i wanted to add my opinion too…. she uses tinder with a fake name to try & catch any pretty girls and seduce them into fucking her… she will say she is looking for a serious relation then after a few months she will ask you if it is possible to open up the relationship so she can have more lovers.
when she says to you she is only platonic friends with a man or a woman please don’t believe her words… really what it means is that she is fucking them all & she doesn’t want you to know….
her ugly mousy ex ilse akkermans is still eating her pussy even though she has a new ugly girlfriend… these two shits ugly lesbians will never find love with some one new because like two fresh smelly pieces of caca they are stuck together.


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