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Maria Elena Sanchez Spring, Texas


This female is a wanna be adult who doesn’t have a clue about life. She is being a homewrecker as well as cheating on her super sweet boyfriend of a year and a half who is nice enough to let her live with him and his parents. He has no clue but is about to find out from me. Btw my Husband and I have been together for 10 years and have 4 small children. She is his co-worker and approached him at work saying she knew he was married but they both thought it was smart to start something. I was suspicious so was trying to find out who she was but she thought she could rub it in my face by saying she is his new queen etc. No bitch whatever he told you is one sided and there are two sides to every story. She has no clue about being a real woman bc a real fkn queen carries herself with class, poise and respect. This girl is clearly a immature and sloppy hoe


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