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Lindsey Kamack Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This woman is knowingly sleeping with my sisters husband. She is fully aware he is married with two children, but does not care. She even had the nerve to donate $50 to my nieces school fundraiser thinking my sister wouldn’t notice a random woman donating money to her daughters fundraiser. My brother-in-law would say that he was working night shift and weekends, lots of overtime, but was going to see her. He was suppose to get his children from the bus stop but stated he couldn’t make it and went to visit this homewrecker instead. He took her out on his parents boat, and the same day went home and slept with his wife. He told his kids he couldn’t spend time with them this weekend because he was going on a fishing trip with his boss, but really went to meet his side woman’s family. I feel so terrible for my niece and nephew, their worlds have been turned upside down. My sister even allowed him to visit the kids at their home after finding out about the affair but he spent the entire time texting and calling Lindsey instead of focusing on his kinds. This woman clearly has no morals. It does not effect her what so ever that she destroyed my sisters family. Truth: He’s a cheater and she is a how. Behind every homewrecker is a mother who failed to teach her daughter basic table manners, respect, & the right amount of decency


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