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Kirk Wilcox/Kirk D. Wilcox Mechanicsburg PA


A liar that will make you feel sorry for his dramatic love story with his ex…after few dates you will notice he is distant…well, he is doing the same with others…he will tell you about the things he wants and will let you pay for everything…love woman with good jobs


One thought on “Kirk Wilcox/Kirk D. Wilcox Mechanicsburg PA

  1. Hey, Anonymous. You aren’t anonymous to me. The fact that you posted a review of me is amusing The fact that it contains inaccurate information is hilarious. Thanks for the publicity but you should try telling the truth. It’s bad enough you stalked and harrassed my friends on Facebook, but I guess you can’t rise above your pettiness. Truth be told: I didn’t take your money nor did you pay for everything. I don’t date based on income. I didn’t lie to you. I didn’t try to make anyone feel sorry for me, but simply explained my situation. Actually, I’m the one who feels sorry for you. I liked you but it just didn’t work out because of distance. Good luck in the future. I hope you find some peace and happiness.


    Kirk Wilcox


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