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Kirk Davis is a Burbank california police department jailer and is a homosexual pedophile who preys on young boys


Kirk Davis is a Burbank jailer and is a homosexual pedophile who preys on young boys. I worked with him at the jail and saw him molest young boys and young teens on a daily basis. I never reported him when I was working there in fear of losing my job since he was friends with all the other creepy employees who ran the jail and police. I no longer work there so I can come clean about him being a pedophile. He preys especially on young boys who get arrested and taken to the burbank jail where he legally molests them by stroking their genitals during pat down. Many people have complaint but the burbank jail and police are corrupt so they get away with it. If you see a middle aged fat creepy looking guy with glasses and facial hair and with the last name, you will know its him.
Burbank Police Department Jail
Police department in Burbank, California
Address: 200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: (818) 238-3010


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