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Kiaran Brooks Fort Worth, Texas


This woman woman is a nurse at Texas Health Fort Worth. She should have morals and values of family and right and wrong. She doesn’t. If I ever get taken to this hospital and she is my nurse you can bet I will be requesting a different nurse. She doesn’t care about patients, she only cares about which married EMS guy she can fuck with. She uses them and once their lives have been fucked up she moves on to another. I have witnessed this at least 2 times now and I am sure there are so many more than that. My friend has been hurt by her and i hate to see her is so much pain so I’m writing this hopefully to keep others from going through it. I know the men are to blame as well so don’t think it’s only one sided. She zeros in on someone and makes herself out to be a victim. So the men come in to comfort her and are weak sometimes and that’s all she wrote. She has 3 children I’m sure are getting a stellar example set for them as well. Stay away from this ugly whore.


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