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Keith House: Avid Golfer & Really Fun Guy…Who’s Also a Serial App-Dater & Compulsive Liar


If you live in the Chicago vicinity and were on a dating app or site in the last 6 months – you’ve likely come across Keith House.

Even though Keith is 34 years old and originally from Joliet and currently lives outside of the city, he casts a wide net.

His potential prospects range in age from barely legal to nearly retired. The longest relationships he’s maintained to date, however, are all with women 5+ years older than him, with one exceeding his birthdate by more than a decade.

Keith is an avid golfer and well traveled because of the sport so he comes across as “mature” initially. However, he’s young at heart, attractive and nearly always would choose to go out vs. stay in – especially any evening that includes alcohol, pot and other drugs…or the prospect of sex.

Naturally outgoing, he’s no stranger to social settings (i.e. bars). If you happen to meet him at one – he’ll comes across as trustworthy, genuine and considerate.

When/if you google him, you’ll find nothing to persuade you otherwise. His FaceBook profile portrays a golfer and loyal friend/family member.

However, most cheaters – I encourage anyone who considers dating Keith long-term to look past the person he portrays himself to be initially.

When Keith and I dated, he was the one who pushed for us to be committed – and claimed to want to be in a relationship. His scheduled allowed the lies to remain hidden for longer than a normal relationship would have.

Do not feel badly about verifying his stories – once things seem amiss. If you think something seems off about his behavior or how he is acting. You’re right.

Check his messages, look at his Snapchat, set him up with a friend on one of the apps he frequents if you need to prove it to yourself.

is young at heart “fun” time if 3-5+ older. Consistently, I missed the clear signs that childhood issues with women criteria ranges from barely legal to barely breathing (age-wise) and I personally exceed 5 years his senior when we connected.

There’s no method to his madness when it comes to keeping his options open. He’ll pursue any and all opportunities to show a woman his penis.

Of the hundreds (if not thousands) who have been with Keith, I maintained what I thought was a committed, serious relationship for several years. He met and spent extensive time with my kids. I met his friends and family. We were considering moving in together.

Regardless of the sex, if any of the latter is what you’re looking for in someone – just know pursuing a relationship with Keith House is only going to slow you down on the path to finding him.


3 thoughts on “Keith House: Avid Golfer & Really Fun Guy…Who’s Also a Serial App-Dater & Compulsive Liar

  1. Wow – I also dated this guy. Am curious how many women overlapped with me. Same for why you didn’t mention his excessive drug use…maybe he hid it from you but pretty much smoked pot for breakfast any morning I woke up next to him.

  2. When I learned about this post, I was shocked but find this site to be one of the most appalling uses of the internet, ever. Whomever wrote these things about Keith (and a lot of other people) should see a therapist. Or move on – and do your best to be a better person than someone who would publicly post anything about anyone who ultimately hurt your feelings online. In fact, I’d bet $1,000 that at least 90% of the people who post complaints on this site…are still single. And it definitely won’t be their last relationship failure.

    As someone who not only dated Keith House for nearly a year – and also still consider him to still be a good friend, I can personally attest that all of the things said about him are untrue. Especially the post mentioning drug use. I also have no problem doing so transparently.

    If you happen to be among the people behind the posts above and are curious if our relationships overlapped, move on. Find a therapist. Or a friend?

    You’re not going to find happiness, (let alone a boyfriend or husband), by investing this much time looking for someone to blame other than yourself fas far as why no one will ever want to date you, in the first place.

    I personally am glad Keith didn’t – and think these attempts at shaming his reputation should include evidence or at the very least an identity for a site like this to even be legal or able to exist.


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