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Kayla Larue Los Angeles, California


Where do you start with this whore. She will pretend to be your bestfriend, with the entire time going after your married husband. Yes that is correct. Kayla will go after your married husband. She loves it when the men spend money on her at the clubs, or the stores. She loves to brag about this one bought me this, and this one bought me that. What kind of woman does this? Kayla Larue does this. Watch your men around this one ladies.


2 thoughts on “Kayla Larue Los Angeles, California

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  2. Kayla here. PLEASE bitch. Whoever you are. Climb out of your anonymous hole and confront me so I can kick your ass. It’s easy to hide behind a computer or phone screen. Be a real “woman” and accuse me of this shit to my face.

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