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Karissa Fleck Gettysburg


Karissa Fleck is a stalker and harasser. She has several restraining orders against her and scams people for money. She is homeless and tries to stay in clients homes with her married boyfriend Bill Hartley. She does card readings that are proven to be fake and They both tell people they are ghost hunters. They both collect disability and live off the tax payers dollars. Karissa has had 7 abortions with married men and Bill is still currently married. Karissa just had a sex change 3 years ago. 


4 thoughts on “Karissa Fleck Gettysburg

  1. Cindi shut the fuck up everyone knows this is you writing this grow up you are old enough to be Karissa’s grandmother obviously you are obsessed

    1. Again Cindi Harper is out to try to hurt Karissa with not bullshit.  She needs to shut her no lipped face before someone did it for her.  She is going after her and people like real investigators like Dave Spinks and saying false shit all the while hiding and acting like she is some kind of victim. She dated Tim Wood who tells me she has so many STDs that he does not even know how she still alive. And the smell of low tide was enough for him to end things and run.  Do us all a favor and just step out in to traffic.

  2. Even more disturbing is Bill Hartley’s close friendship with known Satanist and convicted cemetery desecrator Don Wingo of Harpers Ferry.

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