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Karin Fien (Karin samilow-hartikka)



The Comment: Karin Fien- where to start?

A brief run down.

For the past decade, instead of looking after her special needs daughter, Karin has been on Facebook flashing her 60+year old tits around for attention.

When told to go away, she becomes completely obsessed with stalking and approaching people’s personal lives, family and friends.

She has made hundreds of these dating sites for innocent people, labelling them as “paedophiles” “scum” and every other name under the sun.

Karin is a sociopath, it’s that simple.

She doesn’t handle rejection and she is completely OBSESSED with strangers.

She likes to try hurt people on the Internet because she’s a sad,pathetic, no life old obese woman.

When people do back to Karin with what she does to others, she then runs to police, social services and the media for attention.

Peoples lives are all a big pathetic bored game to Karin Fien from the uk.

Time for her to go spend time with any family that will tolerate her and leave people alone.


One thought on “Karin Fien (Karin samilow-hartikka)

  1. This is Karin, a sad old lonely woman who lives her every day life stalking victims on the Internet. She calls herself the big “troll slayer” while seeking out and messaging people’s families. Karin likes to sit on her fat arse all day to find trolls, Once she finds them, she puts them up on these sites calling them a paedophile. She also puts up people who disagree with her or just laugh at her insanity.  Karin has been doing this for ten years, she uses the excuse that her daughter was trolled a decade ago. Her daughter is now an adult, Yet there is all this evidence of Karin abusing people with insulting their young children, calling them all sorts of insulting names.  I’m soon to make a blog with all the evidence in her past caps that I have saved.  The truth is, Karin isn’t here for justice on her daughter. Karin is here because she wants attention. There are loads of screen caps where Karin has degraded herself with showing trolls her naked self, where she has tried to meet up with trolls for a sexual encounter, Where she sends videos of herself “trying” very hard to look “sexy” Where she stalks, hounds and obsesses over strangers. Karin has been in hundreds of peoples personal inboxes trying to get personal information only for them to be put up on these sites with her calling them a Paedophile. Now if someone actually believes her lies with recognising one of her many victims as being a paedophile, they could get badly hurt. That’s worse then what any of these trolls that she targets does. What she does is put people in danger. she has absolutely no conscience at all. The worst crime anyone has done is told her to go away, or has tried to make her go away by making a photo shopped image. She tries to make people fight for her own twisted satisfaction where she finds the vulnerable and feeds them with all sorts of Lies and hate. this is why people try to get rid of her. That and the stalking that she does.  You would think stalking strangers every single day for ten years would be boring. But not Karin, I wonder why that is? There are quite a few answers to that, I just hope that she finally realises that she needs mental help for her own health and safety.  she will continue this insanity for years to come. She tells herself that it’s all for the sake of her daughter that was trolled ten years ago by people who aren’t even around any longer. But everyone knows the truth as to why Karin is still here. she has made Facebook a huge part of her life, yet neglects all the important things in a life. A blog will be posted up soon with all the evidence on Karin.

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