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10 thoughts on “Kandi Sayles Peoria, Illinois

  1. She’s a dirty little slut, sucks a mean dick though. If you text her she’ll more then likely send you nudes. +1 (309) 857-5705

  2. I believe it, I barely knew the bitch and she let me fuck her. She gave me her number, when I asked if she’s fuck my friend she did. She fucked both of us in one night.

  3. I hooked up with her at a dance club. She took me to a dark area and sucked me off. After that I went out to her truck and fucked her in the backseat.

  4. Damn I knew I’d see this slut on here. She wanted to fuck me and my old man. Kept trying to hook up with us at the club. We finally did, and she loves to eat pussy. I fucked her ass with a toy while she aucked off my husband.  Dirty little hoe, wish we could get her again.

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